Vim Tip of the Week : Sept 29, 2007 – VI Editor Pocket Reference

By | 2007/09/29

I realize I haven’t posted a Vim Tip of the Week for the past few weeks. I’ve been out on the road for work running ragged and just trying to keep up. Now that I’m home for the weekend I thought I would try to catch up a bit.

My suggestion this week for all of you that really want to get comfortable and master the art of Vi/Vim is to pick up this title from O’Reilly. VI Editor Pocket Reference.

This book is really handy for quick reminders during the initial learning curve and is small enough to actually fit in your pocket. Yeah, it peeks out just a bit, but definitely not something difficult to bring around in your back pocket or bookbag.

While the more advanced user may not find this terribly helpful (as you’ve probably already mastered most shortcuts) this is definitely a great reference for new users. It also covers the vi relatives / forks like nvi, elvis and vile.

All in all I recommend this book for new users as it covers most of the basics in a quick reference guide style. It doesn’t go into a lot of deep detail though, so if you’ve been using vi/vim for a while now you probably wont learn much more from it.

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