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Getting the source package with aptitude?

Ever since I learned about the benefits of aptitude vs apt-get I’ve switched over. It’s been great and I’m sure I’ve preached about the benefits before (/me does some digging and pulls up links) here. Well, I ran into something yesterday that I haven’t been able to solve with aptitude. Is it possible to pull… Read More »

Aptitude Easter Egg?

I was just tooling around with aptitude (aptitude ftw!) and found something I hadn’t seen before. Did you know aptitude has a built-in game of minesweeper? Check it out. Launch aptitude from the command line: aptitude (the game doesn’t need sudo) Hit ctrl-t for the menu. You’ll see minesweeper mentioned on the first menu. You… Read More »

How To Install VMWare Server on Ubuntu 7.04

UPDATE: This post has been updated for VMware Server 1.0.5 on Ubuntu 8.04.  If you are running Ubuntu 8.04 you’ll need to see those steps. I’ve been playing more with virtualization recently and thought I would outline the steps I took to install VMWare Server on Ubuntu 7.04.  I will also have steps for installation… Read More »

Plan of Action for Building Communities

The purpose of the US Teams Project is “Teams helping Teams”. In the spirit of community we want to be able to share our knowledge, expertise and wisdom with those following after in establishing Ubuntu communitues across the United States. While I admit that we may not know everything we do have combined years of… Read More »

“Linux is a registered trademark of Linux Torvalds”

I was just looking through my swag-bag from the Utah Open Source Conference and noticed something a little off on the SUSE Linux Enterprise “evaluation” CD that were included from Novell.  On the back of the CD set, under the Novell logo it reads: …”*Linux is a registered trademark of Linux Torvalds” Linux Torvalds?  I… Read More »

Utah Open Source Conference Coming To A Close

I recently finished my presentation at the Utah Open Source Conference.  I think it went pretty well.  I had a good turnout, and people were contributing to the conversation. My main presentation was on the topic and fact that community does not mean “some big group of people”.  Community means you and me.  It is… Read More »

Utah Open Source Conference : Day 1

I’m taking a quick minute to post some of my thoughts on the Utah Open Source Conference going on down here at the Open Source Technology Center at Novell. So far the conference has been a big success. We have a large turnout which, of course, we’re really excited about. Everyone seems to really be… Read More »

It Begins…

The Utah Open Source Conference begins this afternoon.  I’m very excited to see the results of our planning and efforts.  Fingers crossed that everything comes together without a hitch! Conference events you should check out: Tonight’s keynote addresses and the Open Source Awards for local contributions. Guru Labs Troubleshooting Challenge, Friday 5:10.  I will be… Read More »