Sinking Deeper – Continued Impressions of Kubuntu

By | 2007/10/07

Well I am a bit pleasantly surprised to say that I’m very much enjoying my time in KDE right now. There are some bugs, as is to be expected, but for the most part I’m continuing to be very productive and I’m learning a lot. I think some of you were right to mention that perhaps I should until the final release. There have been about a dozen bugs that I’ve submitted for Kubuntu 7.10 beta, but on the bright side hopefully many of those will be squished by final.

I have installed Kubuntu 7.04 inside VirtualBox (expect VirtualBox tutorials very soon!). Kubuntu 7.04 seems a little more polished but, again, I’m blaming the beta status of 7.10 for the “issues”.

The few things that I still miss are:

  • Tomboy. I’ve tried KNotes and Basket but the one is too light and the other too heavy. Tomboy seemed just right.
  • System Monitor Applet. I tried the applet in KDE but I didn’t think it was as well organized or easy-to-read.

Thanks again to all the continued comments in relation to a shift to KDE. I appreciate all the feedback and its making my experience a better one. Hopefully all of your contributions will make for some good KDE specific tutorials soon.

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5 thoughts on “Sinking Deeper – Continued Impressions of Kubuntu

  1. kristjan

    (these comments are really for your previous entry on kde)

    1)you can make konqueror as fast as firefox with local DNS cache:
    sudo apt-get install dnsmasq
    prepend domain-name-servers;
    sudo /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart
    right-click on knetworkmanager in system tray and restart the connection

    Don’t forget to vote:

    2)the dolphin is not really dolphin in kubuntu 7.10, but d3lphin (a hacked version of dolphin for KDE3)

  2. art

    I’m trying out KDE but I could not live without the Gnome Panel. KDE Panel is on the left and Gnome Panel is on the right and Task bar at the bottom. It is a great setup because I have the best of both desktops but without Nautilus hassles and overhead.


  3. Laurie

    knetworkmanager does not work with our enterprise WEP wireless network, funny because I’ve had no problems with the gnome nm-applet!

    Mind you, I’ve gone back to Gnome. I’m more comfortable in Nautilus and like its connect-to-server desktop icons. Yhey are fast and invaluable for managing our sites.

  4. Fredd

    Glad to see you are having a better time with KDE. I prefer it because of the two pane file browser; yes I know I can use other programs but they are a bit clunky:).
    Also it just looks better than Gnome; that constant brown theme is not for me.
    You can use Tomboy in KDE, I have it up at the moment. I agree with the comments regarding the system monitor applet, it is not a patch on the Gnome one.
    I think that people just like one desktop or the other; it’s not a matter of one being better, it’s a matter of choice and isn’t that what Linux is all about?

    Good luck

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