Refresh The Katapult Launcher in Kubuntu

By | 2007/10/10

After posting my previous tutorial on Manually Installing Firefox I noticed that the Katapult Launcher in Kubuntu was not aware of my newly installed application. Apparently you need to refresh Katapult before it’ll see the changes. For those of you that use Katapult this little trick might be handy.. and for those of you that don’t use Katapult you’re really missing out. This is one of the apps that I really like in KDE that gnome doesn’t really have.

Refreshing the Katapult Launcher

Refreshing Katapult to be aware of newly installed applications can be done in just a few quick steps:

  1. Hit “Alt-Space” to bring up the Katapult Launcher
  2. Hit “Ctrl-C” and select “Configure Katapult
  3. Click “Save” without making any changes

Your newly installed applications will now be launchable from within Katapult. Katapult ftw!

8 thoughts on “Refresh The Katapult Launcher in Kubuntu

  1. zblach

    An even better solution: Make a desktop entry that restarts katapult.

    have it execute ‘killall katapult & katapult’. call it ‘Restart Katapult.’

    that’s what I’ve had for a while. works well, and needs fewer shortcuts.

  2. nosrednaekim

    I have a feeling this is only because you didn’t install firefox via a deb.

    But nice to know none-the-less 🙂

  3. Marc

    Thanks for the tip! I was thinking about this earlier today, wondering if I needed to restart Katapult or if there was a simpler solution.

  4. Elaine

    I liked katapult when I was mainly running KDE. However, I find that the gnome applet called deskbar has most of the same functionality. (And on windows, boo, his, I use Google Desktop.)

  5. phoenyx

    Not being a KDE user, what exactly does Katapult do? Is it any different than the deskbar applet?

  6. Joshua K

    thanks for throwing a helpful tip in. i always have a hard time remembering how to do this after deleting or renaming a bookmark.

    phoenyx – it’s like quicksilver for the mac, if that tells you anything. It’s a shortcut application launcher, that is so amazingly simple, that it’s near psychedelic. in discovery. It’s one of the reasons I’m a kubuntu user (the other is konqueror).

    zblach mentions an improvement on how to do this that I’m definitely going to try later.

  7. phoenyx

    The reason I started using the deskbar applet was because I missed quicksilver (quicksilver is still superior, imho). Katapult sounds like it does less than the rest.

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