Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” Released / Links To Bittorrent

By | 2007/10/18

I’m sure everyone in the world now knows that Ubuntu 7.10 final has been released today.  I am not going to take the time to outline all the details that I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere.  What I do want to do though is make sure that everyone can find a link to the bittorent links.  I’ve heard mention of them not being as obvious on the download page.

Please use this link to download Ubuntu via bittorrent and seed for as long as you can.  Even if you don’t need to upgrade every last bit of shared bandwidth via bittorrent makes a big different for those that do.  I will be updating my dedicated bittorrent server with the latest .isos just as soon as I’m back in town tomorrow, and I’ll spend most of next week seeding the best I can.

Congrats to another amazing release.  Its been fun working on this one.  I’m looking forward to UDS this year and getting started on 8.04!

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon” Released / Links To Bittorrent

  1. Jonathan Stegall

    I’m totally excited about the release of Gutsy. I’m trying to evaluate when and how I should upgrade. Feisty has been my first Linux experience, and I’m loving it. Today I downloaded an .iso and ran the OS from the Live CD.

    The only thing that didn’t work was Compiz-fusion, but I am running an ATI card and assume that it would need the restricted drivers to work properly. I never have been able to get it to work on Feisty, anyway, so I wouldn’t be losing anything.

    Anyway. What are your thoughts on when it is wisest for a mostly-beginner to upgrade? Also, should it be a clean install or use the button in the Update Manager? And finally, what needs to be backed up? The /home directory and the /etc directory? Any others?

    Appreciate any advice on this. Thanks so much.

  2. Muhammad Shakir Aziz

    I would like to download it from bittorrent but this protocol doesnot support proxy. While eMule type sharing networks support a n HTTP or Socks proxy. 🙁

  3. Ubuntu Tutorials

    @Muhammad – some bittorrent clients do support proxy, its just a matter of which one you use. I’d suggest looking at some of the other options available in the “Add/Remove” section of your Applications menu.

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