Installing Sunbird 0.5 or 0.7 Calendar : Ubuntu 7.10

By | 2007/10/27

Update : Since this was written Sunbird 0.7 has been released. The package in the Ubuntu repository is 0.5. Here are steps for manually installing the latest.

Manually Installing Sunbird 0.7

  1. Download the latest version of Sunbird at Mozilla. “Save to Disk”
  2. Unpack the archive into the /opt folder. (sudo tar -C /opt -xjvf ~/Desktop/sunbird-*.tar.bz2)
  3. Create a link: sudo ln -s /opt/sunbird/sunbird /usr/bin/sunbird
  4. Create meu item: sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/sunbird.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Sunbird Calendar

Installing Sunbird 0.5

Ubuntu 7.10 now has Mozilla Sunbird Calendar version 0.5 in its repositories. This can be installed using the command:

sudo aptitude install sunbird

For those of you that do a lot of calendaring you may also be interested in Mozilla Calendaring with Lightning, which also supports tie-ins to Google Calendar and seems to be a more popular solution.

8 thoughts on “Installing Sunbird 0.5 or 0.7 Calendar : Ubuntu 7.10

  1. Tigge

    To bad 0.5 is old now. Sunbird / lightning 0.7 was released a couple of days ago!

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  3. Ubuntu Tutorials

    @Tigge – I have updated the post to include manual instructions for 0.7. Thank you for pointing it out. When I wrote this (a few days ago) 0.7 was still not released.

  4. Edd

    Tiny note: there’s a google calendar connector for sunbird too. I’ve been using sunbird since yesterday (sadly I didn’t see this article until today)

  5. John

    fyi: I found that the old version of lightening was killing my newer thunderbird with the Gutsy upgrade so probably best to upgrade to the new lightening.

  6. Bruno

    The file is and not tar.bz2

  7. taggat

    If you install Japanese or any other SCIM language Sunbird will not open anymore
    The solution is to download scim-bridge and add the Following text into the File sunbird right after the first line of code


    just another helpful hint regarding Sunbird

  8. ThinkD

    Just as a bit of Update. I know this is an old post, but 0.7 is available in the repository now (with automatic installation through synaptic). 0.8 would require the manual. I am hoping they might update that when Ubuntu 8.0.4 is released in a few days, though its doubtful.

    I’d rather prefer using this standalone vs Thunderbird + the Lightning Extension. Nice article either way.

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