Enabling the Cube In Compiz-Fusion on Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon”

By | 2007/10/29

I’ve been seeing a number of comments on this blog lately concerning the compiz fusion “cube” effects only setting up two workspaces and therefore only allowing more of a toggle option instead of a cube.  I thought I would throw out the method I use to make sure I get the four-panel cube functionality.


Of course you’ll need to already have 3D effects enabled on a compatible video card.  You may want to see my previous tutorials on using Envy for non-free drivers or Compiz-Fusion on Ubuntu 7.10 for more details.


Once you successfully have the 3D effects enabled and have compizconfig-settings-manager installed navigate your way to “System > Preferences > Advanced Desktop Effects Settings”.  Click on “General Options” at the top of the list and select the “Desktop Size” tab.  The first slider on that tab is for “Horizontal Virtual Size”.  Change this from two to four and close the window.  You should now have four desktop panes for use with a cube vs the two desktop panes as default.

I hope this works as easily for you as it does for me.

22 thoughts on “Enabling the Cube In Compiz-Fusion on Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy Gibbon”

  1. Charles Curley

    If you don’t have the menu entry “System > Preferences > Advanced Desktop Effects Settings”, install compizconfig-settings-manager

  2. raintheory

    I’ve got the cube going, but I’m missing a feature that I had on Feisty w/Beryl… There was some sort of setting that would enable you to move the mouse to the edge of the screen (not the expose-type thing, though I’m missing that as well) and use the scroll wheel to rotate the cube, even with a window maximized. For some reason I can’t get it to work with a window maximized. I think the setting in Beryl allowed you to designate a user-defined “border” of pixels around the edge of the screen that would be sensitive to the scroll-wheel rotate…

    Any ideas? …sorry if this gets posted twice somehow.

  3. Clair

    Actually one of my dilemmas is that my laptop hangs when I try Compiz. I am not sure where to start looking and tweaking. 🙁

  4. raintheory

    another situation for me:

    after doing this, when i change desktops by any means *other* than clicking on the desktop switcher in lower right corner, the desktop switcher doesn’t acknowledge it.

    In other words: I can enable the cube, rotate all around and open an app in each desktop, then if i click on a different desktop via the desktop switcher I have an empty desktop… weird.

    also clicking on a desktop in the switcher goes directly to it instead of rotating…

    also as this may be related, my apps taskbar entries show on each desktop, again unless i click on the switcher..

    it appears to me that for some reason compiz is only working out of one desktop, if that makes sense.


    no puedo abilitar el beryl en mi computadora
    tengo una tarjeta nvidia geforce 7300 gt
    como lo puedo haser en vienme los comandos

  6. Kwest

    I installed Gutsy, then kubuntu-desktop and it looks like i can’t get compiz-fusion to work… can someone redirect me to some tips/informations? (it works fine with gnome)

  7. purepersian

    For raintheory :
    In the compiz settings manager (accessible via System>Preferences>Advanced …) look for the effect titled “Rotate Cube”. Mark the checkbox beside it and your cube should rotate when you switch your desktop.

  8. chris

    Hey man thanks alot ive been stressing about how to get beryl working when its been right under my nose lol I really appreciate your article it helped ALOT! so simplistic too @[email protected]

  9. rocky

    i have ubuntu 7.10 installed with compiz fusion installed, and i have everything enabled for desktop cube but it does not work. under appearance –> visual effects, it does not allow me to set it to custom effects. does that mean my video card doesn’t allow compiz or am i missing something? thanks.

  10. john

    To Rockys question, the advanced effects wont work without enabling proprietary video drivers. Thats what I had to do with my toshiba laptop… after that it was all good

  11. azeraus

    this is what i’d been looking for. My next problem is how to switch between desktop with cube effect without using workspace switcher.

  12. hoff_matt

    If you cant get into Compiz Fusion by system-> preferences->advanced desktop settings, open a terminal (applications->accessories->terminal) and type in ‘ccsm’ this should open the settings >.<, XD, :).

  13. Kaiza

    nice tutorial…..
    thank you very much:)

  14. nek

    nice tutorial !
    I just try out ubuntu 7.1 and got it working.
    thanks you for the guide 🙂
    Now if only I can figure out how to get my xfi sound card to work.

    have a good day 🙂

  15. Aaron

    This was very helpful. Thanks for the information. I’m loving compiz even more now.

  16. ibrahim

    thats what I was looking for thanks alot :).

  17. Asawari

    It worked! Thank you so much! 😀

  18. Aaron

    I have all the things checked that should be, and I’ve tried all kinds of fixes but I could use some straight advice. I can switch between desktops but it doesn’t show the 3d cube and i do have 3d windows check. If any body has any advice it’s much appreciated.


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