Kubuntu till 8.04…

By | 2007/10/31

Not long ago I blogged about using KDE again to help squash bugs and expand my Kubuntu desktop knowlege. Well, turns out apparently a few people actually read that post and it was pointed out to me here at UDS that I was not currently using it..

So, being reminded of my promise I have reinstalled with Kubuntu 7.10 and will try to use this for the life of 7.10, until 8.04. Why do I have a feeling this is going to be a long 6 months? 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Kubuntu till 8.04…

  1. Divan Santana

    I always read your blogs they awesome. I almost sympathize with you about switching to Kubuntu for 6 months! At least you can maybe teach us all a thing or two and help our community.

    I love Kubuntu and use it regurlarly. What I find is Kubuntu/KDE is excellent at the complicated/advanced stuff but some really basic things are terrible.

    Eg Konqueror is excellent and great but some websites don’t work so everynow and then you need to use firefox 🙁
    Kontact is superb at many things but comes to replying to HTML or composing HTML mail and it frustrates you to no end because it cannot do that.

    I feel its a very difficult time to use Kubuntu, this release is one of the poorest(time relative). But KDE 4 series should help that eventually hopefully.

    Moreover get rid of strigi and Dolphin in my opinion is good for really basic users but is still buggy and is a bit early to include it in a distro like Kubuntu.

    Also check out
    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuExtras for more kewl apps.

  2. Corey

    With each release of Ubuntu, I install it to give it a shot. I always last only a day in it, and then I have to install Kubuntu. I just find Kubuntu much more friendlier, things are where I expect them, and it has much better multimedia applications for my usage.

  3. Jason

    Hey man! Love the site!

    I have been experimenting with KDE/Kubuntu on and off since I fell in love with Ubuntu about a year ago. And while it’s great and all, I always seem to come back to Gnome. I just like how Gnome starts you from the ground so you can customize to your heart’s content. Anyway, Ubuntu is great no matter what desktop environment you use. I’m think about playing around with FluxBox.

  4. Tom Mann

    I’m not great at Linux (but not bad either) – If I can help in any way you already have my email.

  5. Luca

    Well glad to see another person working on KDE for Ubuntu, it really needs some nug squashing (this said from a user perspective). If you could just explore one issue…it seems that KDE and GNOME handle some hardware inputs and respond quite differently. Specifically, while GNOME behaves perfectly when the laptop lid is closed and sends the box into suspension, KDE often loses the settings and behaves randomly. I am on my way to send a bug report to launchpad…just wanted to highlight the issue 🙂

  6. Luca

    Oh and almost forgot – keep on with blog and thank you for your attention! 🙂

  7. nosrednaekim

    #kubuntu is always open 🙂

  8. Andrew Min

    I would recommend waiting until 8.04 comes out. According to the roadmap, it should have caught up to Ubuntu 8.04 by then. Because Kubuntu 7.10 is basically playing catchup to Ubuntu 7.04.

  9. nosrednaekim

    I for one do not believe that kubuntu is really “behind”. The only thing it doesn’t have right now is bulletproof X, but you can get that simply by using GDM as your login manager.

  10. Matt

    I am still new to Linux and I like GNOME better than KDE for now. I tried out with Kubuntu and I disliked it for some reasons because of bugs. I am still impressed with it but hopefully next release Kubuntu 8.04 LTS with KDE 4.0 will run smoothly on my laptop. I am using Ubuntu 7.10 at home on my desktop computer and I love it so much! I just think all operating systems with LINUX are wonderful but I am very lousy at programming. 🙂 I am looking forward for KDE 4.0! I have to using Windows & Internet explorer at work everyday which I hate them so much! ( Yes, they do crashing sometime!) Sometime I am very tempting to put Kubuntu back on my laptop for some reasons because of GUI friendly and so beautiful! 😉

  11. Christopher W.

    Thanks for the blog, I’ve learned a lot…

    and it’ll be nice to have some kubuntu oriented tutorials. things tend to be a little gnome-intensive sometimes.


  12. Conor

    Good to see all the comment love lately! Figured I’d say hi, too, and congratulate you on the blog. It definitely is a solid one to read.

    I’ve also decided to take another crack at Kubuntu this time around, and I’ve decided that while the setup time is much, much greater than that of Ubuntu (I should really be talking in terms of KDE and GNOME, I guess), once you invest the time, it really is worth it.

    For instance, it has bothered me for so long that I can’t set different sides of my Beryl cube to have different desktop pictures in GNOME. KDE understands me!

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