Monthly Archives: October 2007

Enabling Suspend on the Macbook : Ubuntu 7.10

In continued testing on my macbook it appears that I have suspend working solidly. If you enjoy this feature you may want to look into this tutorial. I have never really used suspend/hibernate much in the past because it has been buggy, but now that it appears to be working well I think I may… Read More »

WordPress Blog Fix

Ok, some of you might notice a small hiccup in the blog-time continuum.  This is because I reverted to a backup earlier in the day after rebuilding the database from a fresh installation.  What a pain, let me tell you.  If you notice anything weird about the blog please let me know.  From my testing… Read More »

I’m Asking For Your Help Spreading the Word

As many of the regular readers out there know I enjoy trying to educate the public about Ubuntu and Linux in general. By day I teach Linux as part of a company called Guru Labs. By nite I am a blogging super-hero that tries to document simple steps to making your Ubuntu machine more productive.… Read More »

How To Enable Wireless Networking on the Macbook : Ubuntu 7.10

With the new release of Ubuntu 7.10 I figured I should go back and revisit some of my macbook specific tutorials.  Today I’ll touch on configuring / enabling wireless on the macbook (second-gen) in Ubuntu 7.10. Enable Wireless on the Macbook sudo aptitude install build-essential wget -c tar -zxf madwifi-trunk-current.tar.gz cd madwifi-ng-* make sudo… Read More »

AptURL : Web Based Package Installation

Some of you may have seen some recent posts around the Ubuntu Planet about the new AptURL project that is default in Ubuntu 7.10 “Gutsy”. I wanted to make a few comments about it myself after tinkering with it a little. I think the project and idea is pretty cool and I hope it sees… Read More »

Automated Ubuntu Installation Preview

I have recently started expanding my research based from previous tutorials on network based installations and PXE booting + network based installations to include automated Ubuntu installations. I will mention that I do not consider myself an expert at this by any means, but I wanted to give some of you a preview of what… Read More »