Folding 0.5.1 “No-Name” Release

By | 2007/11/18

Please consider downloading the latest version of folding instead.

I spent a few hours this evening wrapping up a few fixes for folding. Based on user feedback I have made the script a bit smarter regarding testing for required components. It also adds an option to change the username and team at installation. Previously this was just part of the deployment function. Ohh, and as this has expanded far beyond what I ever expected it no longer defaults to my username and the Team Ubuntu. It’s now Anonymous and the default team unless changed by the user. I do have plans to get this packaged for inclusion with Ubuntu 8.04 for those that are interested in a packaged version.

If you’d like to join the folding program and donate unused cpu cycles to medical research take a minute and install folding. Download locations available below:



To install simply extract, enter the destination folder and run:

sudo ./ – -install

Other options available within the README file.

4 thoughts on “Folding 0.5.1 “No-Name” Release

  1. Mark Preston

    I have installed FAH with the above script. As I have an Intel Celeron D-347 cpu, (cidermill 65nm, 3.06Gig) I would like to overclock to give a little extra to FAH. I have literally no idea how to overclock, but I am aware of the lm-sensors package and can monitor Vcc Core voltage, cpu and case temps and I think it would be OK to overclock say 10% based on what I have read on the ‘net about this specific cpu, which has been overclocked to 5 gig with only air cooling!! Let me know if you can point me in some direction. Thanks.

  2. ppmt

    Cool I read your blog from time to time and came accross that script.

    I am folding already for some time but as you pointed had to start each time I decided to reboot the PC ( inever got to write a script to automate it!)

    and even better it run on both CPU 🙂

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