Folding 0.5.2 “User Friendly” Release

By | 2007/11/25

Update: has been released to fix a small regression in this version.  Please consider downloading the latest version of folding instead. 

I’ve been very happy with all the recent feedback I’ve had on the folding project. I’ve been getting a lot of emails regarding use and feedback, and I really appreciate it. Based on much of this feedback I’m release version 0.5.2, which has some updates that I hope you’ll enjoy. I am still surprised at how popular this little application has become. I began this as a tutorial on this site months ago and its continued to improve and expand beyond what I ever expected. Thanks again for all the feedback and if you’re not currently running the folding @ home client consider giving this project a try.

Folding 0.5.2 Updates

  • -r, –rename function now allows the user to change the username and team information post installation.
  • -i, –install now asks to update username and team information at install time.
  • installation path updated to conform to standards. now installs to /var/lib/folding
  • installation now builds an optional system cron job which stops the service at 8:00am and restarts at 5:00pm. This may be useful for those that only want folding to run “after hours”. (I would appreciate feedback on this new feature. More information available in the README file.)

As usual, if you are already running the folding client there is no real need to update. If you are interested in the renaming function and the optional system cron usage you may want to update. I don’t forsee any issues with upgrading to add this functionality, but if you do run into any bugs please report them on launchpad (

Known Issues

  • the long options (–function) all work as expected but some of the short options (-i,d,e,r,h) do not work. I’m aware of the bug, just haven’t been able to find the fix yet RESOLVED.


Downloads are as follows, available in .tar.gz, tar.bz2 and .zip format for your convenience.



6 thoughts on “Folding 0.5.2 “User Friendly” Release

  1. Luca

    Nice work, keep up the coding 🙂 Unfortunately I will not be among those who’ll install this software, as I currently use only a laptop in a heavy mobile mode, and this program does consume too many resources – and thus battery 🙁 If and when I will use a desktop computer again, I will be installing this 🙂

  2. l.e.

    Can I pass arguments to the script for automated installation?

  3. Eric Hammond

    Let me know once you get the installation automatable (command line arguments instead of interactive prompts).

    I’m planning to set up an Amazon EC2 AMI that will start folding whenever an instance is booted and anybody who wants to contribute could boot as many instances as they want (at $0.10/hour).

    If you have ideas on what options will completely take over a dedicated server’s resources, I’d like to hear your thoughts. At the moment, the folding seems to be leaving a chunk of CPU unused which is a waste.


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