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By | 2007/12/17

I wish I was announcing the release of Folding 0.6 today but I made a mistake with some of the revisions I had and lost them.  Looks like I’ll be starting over on those additions.  Those are (for those that are curious), a local backup and restore utility and also a remote backup and restore.  The remote is going to take a bit more work, but I’m looking forward to that one the most.

In any event, has a few really minor changes.  Some code cleanup (organizing a few more items into functions) and fixing a pending bug on Launchpad.

If you are currently using you’ll want to update.

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5 thoughts on “Folding Released

  1. Mark Preston

    I’m running FAH and it seems to be working without flaw. Why would I want to change? Is there faster CPU cycles to be given or something?

  2. RocketBoy

    I had Folding “Regression” installed in trying to upgrade to –

    useradd: user folding exists

    I waited for about 30 minutes without it moving past the installing. I completely removed folding and tried a “clean” install of and got –


    Not sure what caused it. Tried a second uninstall/reinstall and no joy. Tried to go back to and got the same script error message.

  3. RocketBoy

    Thanks for your work – will you add the option to change user/team during install/upgrade.

    how do you do it manually?


  4. Ubuntu Tutorials

    @RocketBoy – would it be possible for you to submit that as a bug on launchpad so it can be tracked?

    @Mark – if you’re already running [email protected] there really isn’t a *need* to use my script. I simply try to make installation and management as easy as possible. Some key points of

    -system init script for autostart/stop management
    -system folder for storing folding data
    -system user for running folding processes
    -automated installation on total number of detected processors
    -front-end to changing username & team data
    -front-end for uninstallation / removal of all [email protected] data
    -network deployment tool for centralized [email protected] deployment / management
    -TODO: upcoming in 0.6 are archiving and restoration for local and remote management

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