Folding 0.6.1 “Blizzard” Released

By | 2007/12/20

I know we just had a folding release earlier today, and it is still super-awesome, but I had a little time to think this afternoon and I added a little bit more to it.  I went with my wife to the doctor regarding the baby that is on the way and, well, you know how the doctors make you wait.  I had some time in the waiting room to think about the features that were added in 0.6.  Well, I tweaked one of them to make it a bit more flexible.

In the 0.5.2 release I added a default cron job to that would allow the user to stop/start the folding client at a specified time.  This was disabled by default however and would require manually uncommenting a few lines.  I added an option during the installer now to activate this by default for those that might want to make use of it.

Also, it should be noted that one of the switches introduced in 0.6 has changed (hopefully this is a small enough window that it doesn’t bite anyone).  In 0.6 the option for specifying 64bit was -c|–core.  This has changed to -p|–proc and -c|–cron is now the switch to activate the cron job by default.  Use is “./ -c 1” (1 on, 0 off)

Not a huge update, but an update nonetheless.

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