Happy Holidays… Inital Impressions of the EeePC (701)

By | 2007/12/25

Just wanted to throw out a quick Happy Holidays to all the readers out there. I will be posting some “Ubuntu on the Eee PC” tutorials just as soon as I get them organized.  There is a lot of really helpful documentation on the Eee user website, but some of it does seem a bit scattered.  Again, I’ll see what I can put together for easy-to-follow steps soon..

Initial impressions of the Eee PC.

  1. *Really* small! Typing will take some getting used to.
  2. Xandros I think did a good job of trying to make a really easy interface, but they’re still teh suck. I did an ‘aptitude update’ and ‘aptitude upgrade’ using the base Xandros repositories and apparently my machine does not have the Xandros key imported so no packages can be verified. Bad form Xandros.
  3. Networking (wired and wireless) require driver tweaks.

I have the 4G, 512M, 3.5hr battery white model (701). I think my end result will be Xubuntu (probably based on eeeXubuntu). For those interested I should have a tutorial up by tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the holiday and take it easy.

7 thoughts on “Happy Holidays… Inital Impressions of the EeePC (701)

  1. Martijn

    I’ve ordered an Eee as well 🙂

    Let’s hope it replaces Macbooks at UDSes 😉

  2. Derek Buranen

    Do it man. eeeXubuntu is the only way to fly. Gotta love network manager on the eee pc instead of that crappy Xandros kde thing where it doesn’t autoconnect.

    I haven’t figured out xrandr stuff with eeeXubuntu, but I’m sure it’s not too hard.

    Good luck with it. I got the black 4gb one without the cam and I’m lovin it.

  3. Walter Kerkhofs

    Happy holidays to you too.

  4. Bob

    Thanks for the heads up on the OS -as always, I look forward to your tutorials and comments.

    Looking for the eeePC to be the compromise between an overpriced organizer and a functional ubunutu computer.

  5. Jason

    I too have the 701 Eee PC 4G but mines black and I love it. I was surprised at how easy using the little keyboard really was!

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