Tips on Installing Ubuntu 7.10 to the EeePC

By | 2007/12/28

I started a blog post on how to install Ubuntu 7.10 on the EeePC and before I knew it the post was about a mile long.  I figured it was better at that point to publish the information on the Ubuntu community Wiki (this one is for you Popey).  So, for all of you that are interested in installing Ubuntu 7.10 on an Asus EeePC, please have a look at the Ubuntu community wiki and make any improvements you can.

Installing and Configuring Ubuntu 7.10 on the Asus EeePC

13 thoughts on “Tips on Installing Ubuntu 7.10 to the EeePC

  1. ccm

    Could you do this for the OLPC XO also, please? 🙂

  2. Rexbron

    Great work, but have you heard of/looked at eeeXubuntu? The maintainer of that distro has packaged up all the ePC specific changes that Asus released. Perhaps it is worth trying to get that stuff into the archives.

  3. Ubuntu Tutorials

    I have seen that, and I tried that one first but I realized I prefer the gnome desktop so my initial writeup is for that. Additions for Xubuntu would, I’m sure, be a very useful addition.

  4. Adam

    This is great! Not just for the Eee (mine is in transit) but for making live USB drives and installing all kinds of distros without wasting CD-Rs. But I ran into 2 snags:

    1) Where is dosfslabel? It isn’t in dosfstools in Gutsy, and Ubuntu help says to use mlabel:
    Not that it matters much, I just stuck with “CANON_DC”. 🙂

    2) That method it didn’t quite work to make a fat32 formatted SD card bootable, but following the error message I got from did (sudo parted /dev/sdc, toggle 1 boot, quit, then re-run isotostick).

  5. Anne Archer

    Hi…Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..what a nice Saturday

  6. David

    Thanks for your tips! I just have successfully installed the stock ubuntu 7.10 to my 4G eeePC. Everything works as you described, including the wifi.

  7. toto

    I have a problem with the wifi after installing ubuntu 8.04 in my 4G eeePC

    what should I do now ?


  8. Christer Edwards Post author

    @toto – because the wireless driver had to be manually built you’ll need to redo the madwifi steps after any kernel update. Simply re-run the “make && sudo make install” and it should start working again.

  9. toto

    can u inform me the way to re run?

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