Blog Downtime & Host Transfer

By | 2008/01/03

As many of you have noticed the site has been down for the majority of the day.  I really don’t have any idea why other than because I’m over my “PHP quota”, which I don’t know why would be the case.

I’m honestly pretty fed up with my hosting provider at this point.  I’m very actively working on transfering all of my sites to a new server that I’ve set up.  Just getting things sync’d and I should be ready.

I think its honestly *really* pathetic that a hosting provider can’t keep my site online 24/7 whereas my old PIII 500MHz kept it running just fine.   The only reason I don’t keep it hosting on my server at home anymore is because I have a pretty poor bandwidth pipe.  Bluhost has really been a disappointment lately.

If there continues to be downtime I apologize.  I am aware of it and I’m very actively working on it.  Thank you for your patience.

8 thoughts on “Blog Downtime & Host Transfer

  1. Nick Mailer


    I’m one of the Directors of The Positive Internet Company. I’d like to offer you free hosting with us. We use only FLOSS in our company (even the receptionist uses Ubuntu :-). As such, we have always liked to give back. We host Richard Stallman’s website, an Ubuntu and Debian mirror, sponsor the UKUUG etc. We’d love to welcome you to the fold. No cost. No obligation. Just to thank you for your efforts in the community.

    Let me know.

  2. Chris Samuel

    What about something like a Xen VM from someone like Rimuhosting ?

    I used to run a home web and mail server and moved to a Xen VM with them for the reasons you describe above – I wanted to keep control but not be limited by the home ADSL (not to mention the occasional power cuts that take it out).

  3. Rodrigo

    Why not switching to another hosting? I’m using slicehost for a while and they have a great service and for as low as us$20/month. A VPS is a great way of lowering prices, you know.
    By the way, I’m not with slicehost’ staff, I’m just a happy customer.

  4. Paul Mellors

    If you don’t mind the odd power outage at home, why not keep it there? I host a number of sites at home and the odd power outage i can live with, my cable telco isn’t the best in the world but it’s working fine for me and is obviously free 🙂

  5. Frederick Madison

    +2 for Slicehost. I have been with them for over a year without an issue.

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