Database Update

By | 2008/01/11

I’ve just done an update of the database for this blog.  I did an export and a giant find/replace for some formatting tags I wanted updated.  If you notice anything really odd about the site, pages not displaying, content screwed up, etc please let me know.

It appears all is well.. so far.

What I did was go back and add the code tag to all of the blockquotes, which shoud clean up a bit of the formatting.  This should help avoid things like reformatting of dash-dash, etc.

One thought on “Database Update

  1. Palintheus

    don’t know if its a known issue or not, but Ive tried on a couple computers to be sure, when I pull up you blog just by using ‘’ the latest post is 1/3….same if I click on the header link to get back to the main page

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