Selecting a Local Repository Mirror

By | 2008/01/20

There was some discussion the other day in #ubuntu-us about some people having issues using the default repository for fetching updates.  I mentioned that they might want to use a local repository mirror instead.  I’m lucky enough to have an ISP that mirrors Ubuntu repositories (Xmission ftw!!).  You may not be so lucky, but there is an option to try and select a closer, faster repository.

Software Source Location

Just the other day I blogged about enabling or disabling repository components with the Software Sources tool.  This tool also allows us to select the closest, fastest responding mirror.  Open that tool again via “System > Admin > Software Sources”.  To select an alternate repository location we’ll select the button just below the repository components that says “Download From:”, and select “Other”.

From this point we have two options.  We can manually select a different repository mirror location or we can have it “Select Best Server”.  It should be noted that manually selecting a local repository may not mean it is actually the fastest repository.  “Select Best Server” will try communicating with each available repository mirror and automagically select the fastest one for you.

If you ever have trouble with that mirror in the future, simply try that option again and see if it offers you something different.

You might also reference Tombuntu for a similar outline written last fall including screenshots.

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    I tried the auto-select option, and it found that was the fastest, but I could not download anything from it. I think I’ll stick with the default US mirror instead of dealing with shaky other ones. Its fast enough for me.

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