Seamless Window Integration – Preview

By | 2008/01/31

I’ve got a tutorial in the works that I’m really excited about. If you use virtualization much you might want to come back for this one. I’ll outline how to setup and run seamless window integration using VirtualBox for your virtualized applications.  I’m not sure how I’ve missed using this for so long, I just hadn’t heard of it.  If you’ve been using this already please hold you comments (and hopefully tips) until tomorrow so we get all the ‘how-to’ in one place.  Thanks.

The reaction from one of our LoCo members was entertaining:

01:02 < tonedevf> Zelut: that's hella bitchin'

Until the tutorial is done (it’ll post tomorrow) here is a screenshot teaser.

8 thoughts on “Seamless Window Integration – Preview

  1. Igor

    OMG OMG OMG… like Fusion on Mac! we are rollin 🙂

  2. Patrick

    very much looking forward to this

  3. Logik

    C’mon just press [Host]+L (usually right-crl+L) ! 🙂

    Have fun !

  4. jimcooncat

    I’m doing this with the [Host]+L. When I log on with LTSP, though, the Windows Start task bar doesn’t seem to see my bottom gnome-panel. I see you’ve removed yours — that’s good because we use up so much real estate.

    When I start new windows programs with my LTSP client, they don’t see the gnome-panel either, and maximized will take up full-screen (except for the Windows Start task bar).

    So I think this is nice, but it would be much better if there was a way to constrain Windows.

    Anyway, looking very much forward to your tutorial. [Sorry, I see I wasn’t supposed to comment yet. Couldn’t help myself!]

  5. adeef

    Do you honestly use winrar?! You madman, 7-zip is better and free and Free.


  6. Christer Edwards Post author

    @adeef – I *rarely* use Windows outside of the basis for something like this–for virtualization tutorials and the like. When I needed an archiving tool that is all I could remember from years ago when I actually used windows so that is what I grabbed. I’ll look at 7-zip instead in the future. Thanks.

  7. Shane

    Virtualbox is the ONLY way to virtualize on the desktop.

  8. Tony Yarusso

    So my school decided to loan me a new MacBook Pro for the semester to play with virtualization, and I was really hoping I could give VirtualBox a shot. Unfortunately, the Mac OS X version is still “Beta”, and quite rightfully so – I was able to install and run it, but I haven’t succeeded in actually starting up my new VM to install anything on it without the program crashing yet. 🙁 So, at the moment I’m writing from an Ubuntu VM in VMWare Fusion on OS X, but perhaps VirtualBox will fix things up soon.

    (btw, if you get a chance to explain the similarities and differences of various things like VMWare, VirtualBox, QEMU, and Xen to me it would be much appreciated…greatly confused right now.)

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