Gnome-Do Plugin: Install with apturl – quick update

By | 2008/03/10

This morning Ubuntu Tutorials made the front-page of LifeHacker in regards to installing Gnome-Do Plugins.  Based on some of the feedback on the past few Gnome-Do posts I’ve updated my plugin.  If you have been using the old-version you’ll likely want to replace your current apturl.dll with this new version.

The new code is much more efficient, and I’ve made the code available for anyone that wants to improve it.  I should mention that it could make for a decent launcher template.  Basically you should be able to update the exec line:

exec = "apturl";

and the term.StartInfo.Arguments line for any arguments the exec command needs:

term.StartInfo.Arguments = "apt:"+ packagename +"";

I wonder what type of plugins this could lead to…  I also want to thank Stuart Jansen (yet again) for help with the cleanup.  In any event, the updated .dll and the released .sc are available here.

3 thoughts on “Gnome-Do Plugin: Install with apturl – quick update

  1. omne


    This plugin is great, but the new version don’t work for me.

    I’m using a up to date Hardy and the ppa for gnome-do. I just replace the old apturl.dll with the new one. What is my mistake ?


  2. Mike Jones, Mannheim, Germany

    Hi! Are the sources for APTurl available anywhere?

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