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By | 2008/03/11

As some of you may have read yesterday, Jorge Castro and I put together a twitter-powered Ubuntu Planet of sorts.  Our thinking is that we wanted a way to aggregate the army of Ubuntu users within the ‘twitterverse’, and give users a way to see what is going on within the Ubuntu community on a more up-to-the-minute basis than the existing Planet and blog formats.

So far the response has been really good and we’ve got a good collection of Ubuntu users and developers aggregated at the Pulse of Ubuntu.  If you’d like to see what is going on within the worldwide Ubuntu community check out the site, or follow the feed.  If you’re a twitter user and you’d like to be added drop me a line and you can become part of the Pulse!

If you’re not a Twitter user consider giving it a try, and we’ll plug you in.

6 thoughts on “Join Us On The Pulse

  1. Ploum

    Good idea. But how can I add my account ?

  2. Conor

    I’m still rather confused as to how this works. I find the site extremely lacking in info. Is it only for tweets about Ubuntu, or just a group for any Twitter user who enjoys Ubuntu?

  3. Ting

    Hello, can I join the pulse?
    My twitter name is pt_lam.

  4. Ting

    @Christer – ok, i will update it more frequently. Thanks.

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