Project Update Announcements

By | 2008/03/21

I wanted to quickly toss something out there for all of you on the interweb.  I spent some time last evening cleaning up a few of my code projects.  If you have been using either of them you may want to update.

apturl for Gnome Do

I spent some time in the #gnome-do channel last nite seeing what needed to be done for the apturl plugin to become better supported.  The end result is that its much cleaner, properly licensed and has been submitted to the do-plugins branch on launchpad for possible future inclusion in the “official” plugins package.  If you have been using the apturl plugin for Gnome Do and saw some recent breakage, you can download the new known-to-be-working-on-0.4 version here.

GoogleSecure Greasemonkey Script

I’m a big fanboy of data encryption, including encrypting as much of my web traffic as I can.  I hacked together a small Greasemonkey script long ago that will force encryption on any supported Google application (gmail, reader, docs, calendar, etc), and recently added Twitter as well.  I guess that might be cause for a name change, but I didn’t get that far.  I would like to extend the list of sites that it supports, so if you know of any sites that offer https on login but don’t require (but support) https session-wide, let me know.  If you’re interested in this tool you can download Greasemonkey here and GoogleSecure here.

I also have time set aside today to try and squash two remaining bugs in  For all of you great folks that have been using, expect an update fairly soon.