What Are You Doing For Document Freedom Day?

By | 2008/03/22

Many of us in the Free Software community have a certain level of “activist” within us, pushing those around us towards the ideals that we cherish.  Ideals such as freedom.  Freedom of communication, freedom of data, freedom of choice.  This March 26th is Document Freedom Day, another occasion where we can band together and help promote Open Document Standards.

DocumentFreedom.org is a site that drives to promote the use of Open Document standards, such as ODF.  From the website:

The Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a global day for Document Liberation. It is a day of grassroots effort around the world to promote and build awareness for the relevance of Free Document Formats in particular and Open Standards in general.

To find out how you can participate this year, visit DocumentFreedom.org to find a team (or start a team!) near you.  Even if the best you can do is blog about it, do so.  One more person reached is one more “Open” mind.

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    Actually the international file format must be free to stop the trust of several companies, and to enable every human beings in the world access the documents freely.

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