My Pet Bug

By | 2008/03/26

I’m generally not one to advertise bugs but this has been my pet bug since upgrading to hardy and using Firefox 3b.  I have been putting up with the issue, but I’d *really* like to figure out a fix for it.

I’d be very interested in any feedback the rest of the community can suggest.  Please see my pet bug for details.

5 thoughts on “My Pet Bug

  1. Ivan Toshkov

    A wild guess:

    I think, the problem is, that firefox 3 is sending some kind of emergency hint to the window manager. I’m using Gnome with metacity and it behaves as in the bug. But Compiz (as mentioned in the comments), switches to the desktop, rather than moving firfox around.

    I don’t know how to fix this, sorry 🙁

  2. Dotan Cohen

    I’d love to see the bug, but I’m not clicking through TinyURL. Google my reasoning if you must. When you edit the article and put the address up, then I will see the bug.

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