Plan and Announce Your Release Party!

By | 2008/03/28

The release of the next Ubuntu LTS (8.04 “Hardy Heron”) is just around the corner and as a community of Ubuntu members its our responsibility–nay, our obligation— to celebrate!  What are you planning to do for the greatest release to date?

If you’re part of a LoCo Team (you know who you are!) you need to have a release party.  If you’re not party of a LoCo Team you really should be!  Fill a room with geeks, add good food and drinks and toss in a reason to celebrate and who knows what might happen!

I want to remind everyone (particularly those in US Teams) to get cracking and post your release party details online here.

What can we do for a release party?” you might ask.  Well, anything!  It can be as simple as meeting in a coffee shop with a few of your in-real-life buddies and celebrating Ubuntu’s latest achievement.  Perhaps meet up with your LoCo in a pub and have a toast to Ubuntu.  Maybe even go all out and have a big install fest in cooperation with your local university or LUG.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that you’re celebrating the release and having a good time after six months of hard work!

It would be great if you could take pictures while you’re there and post them on blogs (and subsequent planets), flickr–even use twitter to share the fun.  Get the word out about where you’ll be, who can come and what’s involved.  Let’s really make it a big day and make sure the whole interweb hears about it!

If you’re looking for a local release party, or wondering if there is already one being planned, see the hardy release party list.