“I’d Like To Preseed My Order Please”

By | 2008/04/23

This post is dedicated to the conversation I had earlier today with cjwatson…

This evening I went out to dinner with _MMA_ from the Ubuntu Studio crew.  One nice thing about my traveling job is that I get to meet Ubuntu community members from around the country.  I generally like to take them out to dinner and we can catch up in-real-life.  I’ve actually been out here to Raleigh quite a bit lately so _MMA_ and I have spent more than a few nights out gorging ourselves on steak and BBQ!

Tonight we went out to Longhorn Steakhouse and brought the family.  _MMA_, his wife and his two kids.  Quite the event and we were ready to eat!  So, the waitress came around and took our orders.  Never in my life did I know ordering steak could be so complicated!

Question after question after question.  How would you like it cooked? Options are… What kind of salad? We have…  What kind of dressing? We offer…  What sides? The sides are…  On and on she went.  I didn’t know ordering food was that hard!

As soon as she was done I turned to _MMA_ and said:

“I’d like to preseed my order please!”

After running .iso tests the last two days that’s the first thing that came to my mind!  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could preseed (pre-answer) things like this!  _MMA_ thought it was hilarious so we figured we should blog about it.

In any event, we’ll now take you back to your regularly scheduled programming.  Ubuntu release is imminent!

3 thoughts on ““I’d Like To Preseed My Order Please”

  1. Janne

    My general reaction to those kind of places is “You have a cook, no? He is employed because he knows how to cook well, right? Then why do I have to tell him what to do?”

    I choose a restaurant to eat food made according to the taste of the kitchen. If I want food made according to my own taste I can cook at home.

  2. Jussi

    ROFL. Damn, wish I could make it to UDS to catch up with you all 😀

  3. PriceChild

    I’ve always thought that in Subway… “I just want a cheese sandwich!!!” – “what kind of bread? seeded?…..”

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