Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy” Rocks My Servers Socks!

By | 2008/04/25

I just finished the upgrade on this server from Ubuntu 7.10 ‘Gutsy’ to Ubuntu 8.40 ‘Hardy’ and all I have to say is Ubuntu 8.04 Rocks My Socks!  Here is a bit how things played out…

I spent a bit of time backing things up and preparing for the upgrade (you know, just in case).  I then switched my repository to a faster mirror than the local one I had been using and I installed the required package to handle upgrades (update-manager-core).  After this I ran sudo screen do-release-upgrade and watched the fun happen.  (Yeah, I ran it in screen because I didn’t know how long it might take and I wanted to be able to detach if needed..)

Guess how long it took?  Less than nine minutes! In less time than it normally takes to even download the CD I was upgraded, rebooted and back in production!  So far things are running great, the upgrade went as smooth as can be, and my world has been rocked by Ubuntu Server!

I just have to say, if you or your company has been wondering whether Ubuntu is ready for the server, all I have to say is HELL YEAH IT IS!  Try to upgrade a production machine from one release to the next and have it back in production in less than 10 minutes another “Enterprise” Linux distribution.  Ohh, and do it while its still in production without any CDs.. I dare ya!

7 thoughts on “Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy” Rocks My Servers Socks!

  1. Corey

    Any word on the transition from dapper to hardy?

  2. Jose Martinez

    Congratulations on using debian packages and apt. It’s something we’ve enjoyed on Debian servers for a decade. Yaay!

  3. Mark

    glad to hear the upgrade went smoothly! Oddly enough it was this whole distribution upgrade idea that most of my windows using friends couldn’t understand! The idea of being able to upgrade to the latest version of the OS without spending any money or using a CD is something un-heard of to them 🙂

    I managed to upgrade 9 computers at my house on release day with minimal delays due to a local apt-cacher, the only delays where down to hardware specs really! All very well with only one small problem so far!

  4. Christer Edwards Post author

    @Corey – I’ve upgraded my dapper servers to hardy directly, yes. See a post just a week or so back to see how I did it.

  5. Dee

    A shame the desktop upgrade is as broken as it was three versions ago. I’m currently scraping the various “fixes” and “hacks” from forums to get around the upgrade freeze from V7 to V8. A shame to see that the best desktop linux distro out there still isn’t ready for the masses. Ah – my alternate CD download is finished (1.2gb downloaded today just for this) so time to get back to the command line. Sigh.

  6. Christer Edwards Post author

    @Dee – why don’t you tell us what in the world you’re talking about &/or point to a bug on Launchpad. If its not a reported bug that you’re helping to fix you just come across as whining.

  7. Stoffe

    Dee probably has made a mess of things on his own. I’m guessing Automatix. Is that right, Dee? Automatix? Happily that beast is finally gone, I’m told! 😀

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