Presenting At Ubuntu OpenWeek – Ubuntu on the EeePC

By | 2008/04/27

I hope by now you’ve heard some of the noise regarding Ubuntu OpenWeek which begins tomorrow, 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom.  We’re going to have some really cool, really interesting presentations this time around!  I’m trying to figure out when I’ll have time for work there are so many presentations that I want to attend!

I also wanted to mention that I’ll be presenting on Thursday, 16:00 UTC.  I’ll be presenting on using Ubuntu on the EeePC.  If you have an EeePC still running Xandros, if you have an EeePC running Ubuntu (or derivative), or if you’re just thinking about getting one I think it’d be a great presentation for you to join.  I’ll be discussing current and future EeePC specs, how to install on Ubuntu and how to customize the Gnome desktop for such a small resolution.

I use my EeePC more than any of my other machines anymore.  I take it on the road with me when I travel, I write code on it, I write blog posts on it.  Nearly anything I would do on my MacBook I do on my EeePC.  Yes, even Compiz!  Its a great little machine!

If you are an EeePC user and have suggestions on items to include in the presentation please leave a comment.  If you are not an EeePC user and have specific questions you’d like me to cover I also invite you to leave a comment.  See everyone on Thursday!

4 thoughts on “Presenting At Ubuntu OpenWeek – Ubuntu on the EeePC

  1. Mike

    My eee PC wants to know if you will be posting the presentation hoping that I will be able to get rid of this Xandros OS and back to Ubuntu.

    Is there anything significantly different with the install from version 7.10 to 8.04?

  2. anzan

    I follow Mike in hoping for a transcript.

    We have one Eee with a semi-successful eeeXubuntu install and four others still running Xandros.

    I’d be interested in clear instructions for Ubuntu or Xubuntu on a SD card.

  3. Tom Mann

    Something I’d like to see is an evaluation of the different flavours of Ubuntu (X/K) and how well they work considering the screen limitation. I’m just loading Ubuntu Gutsy onto my EeePC now 🙂


  4. Joseph

    How do you make the eee suspend and resume reliably–and *without* horking your sd card filesystem that you have precious data on?

    I like to have emacs running visiting a number of files on the SD card and still can’t make it work reliably across suspend and resume. Filesystem horkage always results, even after I got usb_persist into the kernel.


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