Follow My MOTU Journey…

By | 2008/04/29

The packaging presentation this morning really got me excited about getting involved in that area of Ubuntu so I put a few things together in order to try and keep me on this road.

  1. I took a lot of notes and have a lot of links for reference and study.
  2. I’m putting together a schedule to try and keep me on track.
  3. I put together a new blog to document my progress and pitfalls.

If you’re interested in following my journey toward MOTU add to your Feed Reader.

I’d love to get other people interested and educated about packaging by way of that blog.  If you are MOTU and want to help keep me on track please stop by.  If you’re a casual user that would like to start participating please also stop by.  Remember, the more skilled people we have handling and improving packages the better Ubuntu will be!

2 thoughts on “Follow My MOTU Journey…

  1. G Cotto

    I am up to MOTU too!! Like Efrain, i am a newbie too. I’ll come back to share my experiences with you.

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