Ubuntu Tutorials Poll: What Would You Like To See?

By | 2008/06/13

I just added a WordPress plugin polling system and I’d really like to hear from all of you regarding what you’d like to see more of at Ubuntu Tutorials.  I know there are thousands of you that read the blog, but I only hear from a select few by way of the comments section.

Please take a minute and come visit the poll located on the right sidebar of the blog beneath the RSS icon.  I’d love to write content more targeted to the readerbase, and I can’t do that unless you tell me what you’d like to hear!

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11 thoughts on “Ubuntu Tutorials Poll: What Would You Like To See?

  1. Souris

    I’d like to see Samba client tutorials…


  2. tazz

    I’d like some tutorials on connecting popular smartphone and phone models to ubuntu and synchronising / backing up contacts, tasks, notes, emails and files with popular email clients, like thunderbird for one. i’ve a sony ericsson p1i, which a great phone, but cannot find the means to backup data, except manually connect the phone via bluetooth and download all the files. this leaves out the other vital data like contacts and tasks. i am really into using linux mint full time, but cannot give up on windows because of the software provided by the manufacturer only works with microsoft office. my second request is if there’s a failsafe way of running microsoft office 2003 on wine in linux. thanks!

  3. heathenx

    Dang! I could only vote for 3. I would have picked all of the choices. I have learned so much by reading your tutorials. 🙂

  4. Mark Preston

    I want to see a Tutorial on making a separate /home partition.

    Every how-to I’ve tried with this has crashed the OS and forced a clean installation. This has caused hours and hours of frustration, finding passworded websites and re-entering information, etc.

    Why isn’t Ubuntu using a separate /home by now?

  5. Vadim P.

    The thing with a separate /home is that if you run out of space on / you’re screwed. And that case is more likely to happen if you have a separate /home than no.

    That’s one of the situations I can think of, I don’t know the official reason.

  6. Mark Preston

    I have a 320 gig Seagate drive. Currently my /home is about 14 gig. I’m not the one who will run out of space. Philosophically, 5 years ago, when Ubuntu was sort-of new, many user’s ran it on old/outdated/used computers. Tut tut, now-a-days, many of us have modern computer equipment. Apple’s “user friendly” motto or creed, is no substitute for maintaining your hardware and software. And as Ubuntu take under 7 gigs for a “big” / and all the branches under it, it’s hard for me to accept your reasoning completely. Thanks.

  7. Luke L

    I was introduced to this site by the apt-mirror article. I’m still confused at the directory structure of the repo, but it is a helpful article I hope to put to use in the near future.

    Server and virtualization are important topics to me, but you have to find your own tutorial niche. If you aren’t opposed, maintain a locally hosted library of other useful tutorials on your site, with linkbacks to the source. ubuntuforums.org has a lot of tutorials, for example. You could siftthrough those and find the best to host here.

  8. Jason

    I would like to see all partitions on an external firewire drive. I would like to know how to mount these drives. Automount would be nice to, but most important would be to see what is on the drive and then be able to mount.

  9. john

    I have a treeline file for ubuntu named “howto”. It’s strictly for information I gather here and there from documentation, forums, websites and blogs that might help me now or in future to solve problems and (especially) to configure x/ubuntu.

    I run a mix of gnome and gtk2 apps, with a preference for desktops other than gnome and kde. Whenever I see what might be helpful I take notes. Although xfce doesn’t figure in your survey options, I think that the results of 300+ responses I have seen would pretty well reflect my own preferences, if I were to substitute lighter desktops for gnome.

    A little more emphasis on lighter desktops therefore would be nice, but cutting edge or latest and greatest is not what I’m looking for.

  10. Seth

    Comments is one way of getting feedback to guide your material, but I feel forums are a great way of focusing feedback. That way each idea can have it’s own thread if need be. Here’s a poll site under delevopment by my friends and they’re planning on a similar method (ie forums to field feedback/requests). You can check it out if you like.

    Constructive Feedback via Forums

  11. Nipuna

    I’m Nipuna

    I’d like to see about connecting to the internet using Sony Ericsson P1i tutorials

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