Interviewed on the Fresh Ubuntu Podcast

By | 2008/06/20

I just finished a phone conversation last night with the hosts of the Fresh Ubuntu podcast.  Someone suggested that I might make a good addition to the show, so you’ll get to hear me talk about Ubuntu related stuff (primarily LoCo work) for a half-hour or so on the next episode.

For those interested check out the episode link here:

2 thoughts on “Interviewed on the Fresh Ubuntu Podcast

  1. Jerry Palsson

    Re the Fresh Ubuntu podcast:

    Among the worst podcasts I’ve ever heard! The musical intro is *far* too long, and then they proceeded to chat about motorcycle scooters for about six minutes. Ubuntu content? When?

    Next they started chattering mindlessly about Firefox, and I had to hit STOP!

    What a waste of time …

  2. Vadim P.

    So that’s how something new comes up right on time! 😉

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