Presenting at OSCON 2008 : July 21-25, 2008

By | 2008/06/27

Some of you might remember, long ag, that I asked for some feedback regarding a presentation at Ubuntu Live 2008. Well, as it turns out the Ubuntu Live conference was cancelled by my presentation was migrated to OSCON instead.  I’m pretty excited to be going to OSCON this year, especially as a speaker.  I went last year, but just to work in a booth as a volunteer.  This year will be a much more fun!

If you’re going to be at OSCON come and say hello.  I’ll be presenting:

LTS Tutorials : Using Ubuntu in the Enterprise – 10:45 on 23 Jul 2008

I’ll be covering things like automated installations with kickstart and preseed, automated “stack” setup with the server installer (LAMP, etc), basic security with ufw, and more.  I think it’ll be a lot of fun and I hope to be able to show how Ubuntu Server can make Enterprise Linux simpler while remaining just as stable and secure as anything else.

If you haven’t yet registered I’ve outlined some of the available discount codes below.  If you can get the time, and if the discount help, OSCON is *really* a lot of fun and the education you get is worth every penny.

OSCON Registration Discount Codes

  • os08fts - 65% off with proof of full-time student status: a copy of ID & class schedule demonstrating enrollment in 12 or more units per semester/quarter. Fax to (707) 829-1342. Please use os08fts in the discount field.
  • os08team - 10% off per person if you register 3 or more people from one company. Please use os08team in discount field. Proof of status of employment (copy of business card) for each attendee must be faxed to (707) 829-1342.
  • os08np - 40% off with proof of full time employment at a non-profit organization and verification of non-profit status (501 c3 or equivalent). Fax to (707) 829-1342. Please use os08np in the discount field.
  • os08gov - 10% off with proof of full-time employment with a government agency. Use discount code os08gov, and fax proof to (707) 829-1342.
  • os08as - 25% off with proof of full time academic employment status on organization letterhead. Fax to (707) 829-1342. Please use os08as in discount field.

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  1. Kyle

    Can you post your slides somewhere and email the link please? Thanks for the great presentation.

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