View A Package Changelog Entry With Aptitude or Synaptic

By | 2008/06/29

Last week Aaron asked me if I knew the reason behind the latest kernel update, or if I knew where to find the changelog.  I poked around a bit and found that Aptitude, the command-line package management tool, has a changelog option.  If you’d like to see the changelog for a package before you update, or even after you’ve updated, you can do so with Aptitude.

Viewing the Changelog From The Terminal

Taking a look at the changelog for a package can be done at the command line by using:

aptitude changelog <packagename>

This only works for officially supported packages, so it’ll complain if you try it against something from a PPA, but this still covers quite a few packages.  So, if you’ve ever wondered the reason behind the update, you can check out the changelog and take a look!

Viewing the Changelog From Synaptic

The same functionality is available within Synaptic as well.  Navigate to:

“System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager”

synaptic package manager

Find the package you’re interested in using the “Search” button and then select “Package > Download Changelog” from the Synaptic File menu.

download changelog

5 thoughts on “View A Package Changelog Entry With Aptitude or Synaptic

  1. Torgodevil

    I would LOVE to have your Ubuntu/Obama background wallpaper. Can you share a link to it, or send me an email with it attached?

  2. Tim

    To see a description of all available updates, I create for myself the following alias:
    alias updatesinfo=’aptitude changelog $(sudo aptitude search ~U | cut -c 5- | cut -d” ” -f1)’

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