“What Would You Like To See?” Poll Expiring Tomorrow

By | 2008/06/29

I want to thank everyone for the great feedback that I got on the poll regarding what you’d like to see on this site.  I think the results are pretty clear, although some of them did surprise me.  For those that haven’t taken a look at the results they are as follows:

Gnome Desktop Tips : 221 votes

Virtualization Topics : 163 votes

Installation & Upgrade : 163 votes

Security Related :152 votes

Ubuntu Server : 152 votes

3D Effects : 117 votes

Getting Involved : 69 votes

KDE Stuff : 65 votes

If you’d still like to voice your opinion the poll is still up for another day.  You can also comment on this post if you’d like to see topics not listed in the current poll.

I will try to keep these results in mind going forward.  I have seen website traffic go up recently, and I’m glad to see people are interested and coming to read the site.

A new poll will be starting July 1 so please come and give me your feedback at that point.

11 thoughts on ““What Would You Like To See?” Poll Expiring Tomorrow

  1. Mikey

    Curious me wonders what surprised you in the poll results?

  2. Christer Edwards Post author

    @Mikey – based on my traffic stats I thought virtualization & 3d effects would be more popular. Also a bit surprised at the low interest in anything KDE..

  3. dragoninsane

    well kde is drilling its legs with buggy kde4 and they want people to migrate and gnome getting stable,mature,clean.i dont need glossy beryl or compiz to make it vulnerable to crash.
    i say stability should be number 1 priority to kde4 developers

  4. Mikey

    You may be seeing more people new to Ubuntu, linux novices and users rather than programmers, who just want to know how to make Ubuntu work better for them.

  5. Vadim P.

    Yeah, pretty much new users. Want to tweak the desktop, get essential windows programs working and so on.

  6. Mike

    Darn those new users Vadim. What ever happened to the good old geeks only daze?

  7. Deming

    KDE reminds me of what Vista and OS X are doing to their operating systems and it’s disturbing to me. The visuals make me feel in-mature, they don’t feel sleek they feel distracting and clown-like. Gnome still wins it for me! I’ve decided today, I’ve had it with Vista / XP and Leopard – I’m switching to Linux. I’m sick of the crap I go through with Vista and Leopard. XP worked well, why couldn’t hey simply refined it? Tiger works great, why, oh, why Leopard, blah! I love Ubuntu always have. I hope one day I’ll be able to move my task bar etc to the bottom instead of top and it actually stay there. Hehe

  8. John Stiers

    Sure wish Ubuntu would “provide” an easier way to get wireless working on the bcm cards!!!?
    Ndiswapper /////runied//// my windows wireless connections….Had to do system restore!!!! NOT worth the trouble, Ubuntu!!
    These things and the lack of support for playing media,keep me on windows..

  9. Darwin Survivor

    Ok, 3 gnome things (2 are about the panel):

    1) PLEASE make a usable vertical panel! Currently the clock, tasklist, system monitor and applicatons/places/system menus are almost useless on the

    2) I would love to see a panel that hides properly, so far you can only shrink a hidden panel to 3px (I love my screen real-estate). The panel they used in KDE3 was very good at this, it hid completely and actually came back quickly (sorry gnome, your panel does not un-hide reliably). I have a 1366×768 screen and having a horizontal (see previous) panel that can only hide to 3px is REALLY annoying.

    3) Could we please work with the different PIM developers to create a universal communcations system between apps. I want evolution/kmail/thunderbird to share contacts/mail/calendar/todolist and for them to all be able to show up in gnomes other apps. The clock has a cool pop-up calendar and gnome has a nice stripped-down contact viewer, but they only read evolution’s info. You can use any PIM software in any desktop environment, but only the native ones integrate, why?

    I have experience in python, c, c++ and mysql (starting to use sqlite). I have not done very much GUI stuff (just pygtk), but if anyone is looking to work on these, I would be more than willing to help out.

  10. David Musgrave

    Have just started with Linux Ubuntu Mint and would love to see plain English descriptions of problem fixes . Why should I have to blindly accept terminal commands with no guarantee the person offering the instructions know what they are talking about!
    Try getting understandable advice on how to get Skype to work on Mint!
    I am a 76 year old happy camper,willing and keen to learn.
    Thanks for your attention

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