Install SecondLife on Ubuntu 8.04

By | 2008/06/30

Its been ages since I played with SecondLife but I was reminded about it this evening and thought I would put something together regarding how to install it.  There are not any packages for it in the Ubuntu repositories, but it is pretty simple to get running.

For those that currently use SecondLife maybe you can comment on places to hang out and things to go see for anyone just joining in.

Requirements for SecondLife

The first requirement is that your machine passes the minimum system requirements.  On Linux this generally means 3D rendering ability.  Here are the official requirements, for your information:

  • Internet Connection: Cable or DSL
  • 800MHz Pentium III or Athlon or better (recommended: 1.5GHz or more)
  • 512MB (recommended: 768MB or more)
  • nVidia GeForce 2, GeForce 4mx, or better (recommend one of the following: 6700, 6800, 7600, 7800, 7900, 8400, 8500, 8600, 8800, Go 7400, Go 7600, Go 7800, Go 7900)
  • ATI Radeon 8500, 9250, or better

I should note that SecondLife seems to run just fine on my onboard intel 915 video card.  As long as you can run Compiz effects you should probably be OK.

The following commands will walk you through installing SecondLife system-wide.  This will make it available for any user on the machine, and may be different than other methods you may have seen.

Installing SecondLife

First off we’ll need to manually download the archive, which we’ll unpack into /opt.

wget -c
sudo tar -C /opt/ -xf ~/Desktop/SecondLife_i686_1_19_1_4.tar.bz2
sudo ln -s /opt/SecondLife_i686_1_19_1_4/secondlife /usr/local/bin/

You’ll now be able to launch SecondLife with:


6 thoughts on “Install SecondLife on Ubuntu 8.04

  1. lionbeast

    at the second command it won’t work. it says no such file found

  2. thomas

    if the second command doesn’t work for you, you need to adjust it to correctly point to where you downloaded the file. for me, it was in the directory ABOVE my Desktop dir. all the commands worked just fine 🙂

  3. Richard Watson

    Second Life ran for around 8 months succesfully with a machine running a pretty dismal ATI card, I owned as lot of land nad had 20,000 L$ in the kitty Then it stopped -black screen.. After numerous "tickets" to Linden it eventual;y struck me that I had nor RTFM and needed another graphic card. . Local PC World guys had never heard of SL and I tried several cards -usueless- until I got one from PC World internet £79 for a ATI Radeon 3800. Which was fab on games but not with SL Then I find that SL do not really like ATI and Nvidea are their bedmates.
    So can some one please tell me whar card I can get in UK that WILL get me back to SL -I'm fed up with RL
    I'm !

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