11 thoughts on “Enable Timed or Automatic Login on Ubuntu 8.04

  1. Stephen Monteith

    I have enabled automatic logins for the last month. I only do this so that I am able to connect to a remote desktop session if my system is ever restarted when I am not home.

    If there is a way to enable remote desktop logins at the login prompt then I would not need to have automatic logins enabled.

  2. Vadim P.

    I enabled it, however now network manager asks me for a password. Is there a way to make it not ask?

  3. Andy

    On my laptop, I use full disk encryption and automatic login. So I don’t need to worry if it gets stolen, and it is still really quick to start up.

  4. Jonathan Lozinski

    Whilst there might be some concerns over doing automatic login, those who are really security concious might be more interested in how to stop root access being available by simply booting in recovery mode.

    I love it myself.. I have nacked a password up accidentily and needed to root the machine to reset it.

    However being able to stop it would be nice (presumably remove option from grub and lock grub down to require password to alter boot options on the fly?)

  5. Meneer R

    >Again, I would warn you that anyone able to get access to your machine will now be able to access all of your files and settings by simply booting the machine as normal.

    Lies. As if pressing Escape -> B -> Recovery Mode Root Login isn’t doable at the grub login point.

    The password entering is a _FAKE_ sense of security, and therefor even MORE harmfull than automatic login, because the end user is to believe the system is secure, when it’s not.

    >I enabled it, however now network manager asks me for a password. Is there a way to make it not ask?

    Yes, but you are not going to like it. GDM only unlocks the default keyring, if you truly login. (it doesn’t work if you autologin, it’s a bug, but some might act as if its a feature).

    The solution? Delete teh default keyring, change password to “” (nothing). It won’t be encrypted anymore (yuck), but you don’t have to enter it everytime either.

  6. Vadim P.

    Hm no I’ll wait for the bug to be fixed

  7. Jisakiel

    A more secure and useful way is to add gnome-screensaver-command -l in gnome-session-properties, and give it a high priority. That way it autologins, but locks the session. When you reach your computer and unlock everything is on and you don’t have to wait for gnome, gnome-panel and a hundred applets to load ^^.

  8. djackson

    I recently purchased 2nd hand dell laptop which previous user has loaded with Ubuntu 8.04. After start up it asks for user name and password. No response from seller of machine. Does anyone know if there is default log in/password or a way of bypassing/changing it.

    1. Christer Edwards Post author

      @djackson – reboot the computer and press esc at the Grub countdown. Select rescue mode and reset the user password / create a new account.

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