A little quiet time

By | 2008/09/13

I realize it has been more than a month now since my last post.  That is definitely the longest hiatus I’ve taken from blogging since the start of this site.  Let me give you a heads up regarding recent events.

1) I recently started a new job here in Salt Lake.  I am no longer a traveling Linux instructor.  Although I enjoyed that job very much, I did not want to keep traveling so regularly so I found something close to home.  I’m now a system admin for dozens of Red Hat servers, which allows me to work locally and frequently telecommute.  Working from home with my family sure is nicer than working in a different city every week.

2) I figure I should join the naming meme, although I’m sure I’ve seen this before.  I should mention that I have no creative naming scheme for my machines.  I name them what they are, and since I have such a diversity of hardware that ends up creating unique names.

  • macbook – my laptop
  • 007 – my EeePC (because everything is smaller in the spy world!)
  • sparc – the old Sparc IIe beast I was given
  • iMac – my wifes iMac desktop
  • martian – my OLPC (because its green and has funny anteanna)
  • media – my media server
  • brick – my new work laptop.  Dell laptop cases always look so bulky to me.

See, I told you they were boring names.  I’ll be back to blogging one of these days after I get into the rhythm of the new job.  Until then, keep on keeping on.

9 thoughts on “A little quiet time


    I give creative names to machines I build, and generic names to the ones I buy already built.

    Cortana – My latest super quad-core gaming rig.
    GLaDOS – My alternate slightly outdated simi-gaming-rig.
    Flash – My tiny computer in the kitchen, the first one I have built that uses a solid state flash drive.
    Blarg – my old gaming rig, ripped apart for parts now.
    Guilty-Spark – my old alternate rig, scrapped for parts now.
    Gravemind – Somewhat decent gaming rig I built for my friend.

    Micron – My micron file server.
    eeepc – My EeePC.
    vostro – My Dell Vostro Laptop.

  2. Michael Gauthier

    At silverorange, we have a Dell laptop named brick as well. It’s mostly because it’s eight years old, has a 15″ screen and weighs about 10 lbs.

  3. Apollo

    Regards from Israel,
    Just wanted to say that i really miss your blogging ad look forward to you future insights And to wish you all the best in your new position.

    My naming convention is based on planets and Greek mythology figures:
    Apollo is my linksys dd-wrt enabled router
    Galaxy is my ubuntu samba server
    Mercury is my ubuntu laptop and also my zodiac star
    Earth is my wifes winsh*t desktop
    Venus is my daughters edubuntu


  4. J

    Does this mean you are not going to be posting on a regular basis as you once did? What do you prefer now, Red Hat or Ubuntu?

  5. Christer Edwards Post author

    @J – I still prefer Ubuntu and it still runs on all of my machines (including servers), but the corporate types like to have the big companies behind them so RHEL is much more common in the workplace.

    I’m not going anywhere 😉

  6. James

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at blackhatbootcamp.com/listofwordpressblogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  7. AnthonyG

    My naming convention is fairly random at times, following logic at other times. For my machines my home and office I have:

    develop – My development computer
    GNSNP01 – My company’s first server (dead)
    GNSNP02 – My second server (recently died)
    GNSNP03 – My current server
    WW3 – Windows Workstation #3
    Family1 – Kids’ computer (6 thin clients)
    GNSL01 – My primary laptop
    GNSL02 – My secondary (client configured) laptop
    GNSL83 – My new Dell Latitude D830 laptop
    oscar – Windows 2000 Application Server
    fred – Windows 2000 Application Server
    wilma – Ubuntu Application Server
    blackbear – Windows 2003 Web Server
    whitetail – Windows 2003 Web Server
    admin – Red Hat Web Server
    mercury – Ubuntu Web Server
    venus – Ubuntu Web Server
    winchester – Ubuntu server hosting 50 thin clients
    Sherman – security system server
    LR – computer in the living room
    hopsing – computer in the kitchen
    cc1049153 – Old office computer
    ring – Voice mail system

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