Network Upgrades for Ubuntu Desktop (8.04 LTS -> 8.10)

By | 2008/10/20

Upgrading from Ubuntu 8.04 to Ubuntu 8.10 desktop can be very simple, and can be managed by the integrated update-manager tool.  Here I’ll outline a method for upgrading in just a few easy steps.  Before you dive into the upgrade there are a few things to verify:

  1. Be sure that you’ve applied all available updates to your current system.
  2. You should also read the Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid” release notes, to be aware of any known issues and workarounds.

After you’ve completed the two preparation steps you’re ready to move on to the upgrade.  One thing to keep in mind at this point is that this will use the network to complete the upgrade.  If you’re doing this on release day it may be slow due to the heavy load on the servers.  You may try alternate mirror locations for improved speeds.

To begin the upgrade use the key combination “ALT-F2” within your Gnome Desktop to launch the run-dialog.  Within that entry dialog enter:


Click the “Check” button.  If there are any remaining updates to Ubuntu 8.04 you’ll be prompted to install those.  Once all updates are applied you will see a new dialog notifying you that a new release is available.  Click “Upgrade” to begin the upgrade process.

Simply follow the prompts and you’re done.  This process will download the updates needed, notify you of what will be installed, upgraded or removed and allow you to cancel or continue when you’re ready.  Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Network Upgrades for Ubuntu Desktop (8.04 LTS -> 8.10)

  1. davmor2

    You don’t even have to do that.

    You can just do “update-manager -d”

  2. cnt

    I just ran the “update-manager -d” a few days ago, to upgrade tot he beta3 and now after the grub all i see is a blinking cursor. The update process went without any problems and asked me to reboot.
    Any chance i might be able to rescue it with the Live CD of the 8.10 release?
    (same upgrade went perfectly on a virtual box)

  3. Bob

    Dude, your’re awesome. Thanks so much for the article.

  4. seb

    “update-manager -d” works for Xubuntu as well!

    keep up the good work!

  5. Todd Gerr

    Actually, this doesn’t quite work:

    update-manager –devel-release

    Something’s turned the double hyphen into a long dash. It needs to be retyped thus:

    update-manager –devel-release

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