Network Upgrade for Kubuntu Desktops (8.04 LTS -> 8.10)

By | 2008/10/22

My last post outlined how to upgrade your Ubuntu desktop from 8.04 LTS to 8.10.  This post addresses those fans of the bling that is KDE.

To upgrade your Kubuntu 8.04 system to 8.10 follow these few steps:

Use the shortcut key “Alt+F2”.  Within the resulting dialog box enter:

kdesu "adept_manager"

You should then see a prompt for “Version Upgrade”.  Select this and follow the prompts.

Both Kubuntu and Ubuntu desktops should be pretty seamless to upgrade using these steps.

6 thoughts on “Network Upgrade for Kubuntu Desktops (8.04 LTS -> 8.10)

  1. ScottK

    I think it’s worth a mention that KDE4 in Intrepid is still lacking some features of KDE3 and so it’s really worth it for Kubuntu upgraders to take Intrepid for a spin on the Live CD first and make sure what they need it to do is supported.

  2. ScottK

    Also, kdesudo instead of kdesu.

  3. lingenfr

    Actually no, kdesudo is not used until 8.10. It is still kdesu in 8.04

  4. Bill

    OK, so how come I don’t see the “Version Upgrade” button?

  5. John Wenger

    I don’t see a prompt for “Version Upgrade” either.

    And what about updating /etc/apt/sources.list? Does the “adept_manager” also do this? And if not, then there should be an instruction to do this, right?

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