Network Upgrade for Ubuntu Server (8.04 -> 8.10)

By | 2008/10/23

Continuing my series on how to upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid” I now bring you steps on how to upgrade your Ubuntu Server installation.  Again, these steps are nearly as simple as a desktop upgrade.  The Ubuntu development team has done a really great job of making upgrading simple and painless.

First of all you’ll need to install the upgrade management utility:

sudo aptitude install update-manager-core

Once that is installed (it may already be there, YMMV), start the upgrade manager:

sudo do-release-upgrade

Simply follow the on-screen instructions at this point.  Note: The upgrade manager will alert you that upgrading via remote ssh connection is not suggested, however I have done it multiple times without issue.  Again, your milage may vary.


5 thoughts on “Network Upgrade for Ubuntu Server (8.04 -> 8.10)

  1. Chris Irwin

    It may be a good idea to suggest the use of ‘screen’ when doing major updates over ssh. It would (hopefully) avoid leaving a system in a partially-upgraded state in the case of network outages (whether due to software or other.

  2. Jimmy Montano

    Thanks for your tutorial.

    Please note that your aptitude command is missing a dash. Should be:

    sudo aptitude install update-manager-core

  3. Aikiko

    you missed one point :

    Edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and set:


  4. Arfy

    To the author, thanks for having this information available.

    Jimmy and Aikiko: Thank you for your comments! Now it works properly!

    (I don’t know why but the 8.10 iso for ubuntu-server-i386 just won’t install properly on my Dell Optiplex GX240. Something about passwd depends and libc6. I even verified the written CD had the right md5sum.)


  5. AJenbo

    Thanks Aikiko for the comment 🙂

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