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I’ve been sitting on an idea for a while now and I finally had some time to implement it.  After going through the piles of comments that have been left on this blog I thought I would implement an ubuntu tutorials community forum around the site and its tutorials.  I’ve noticed that many of the comments threads have evolved to something very similar to a community forum, so I thought I’d help facilitate that.

The forum is still very young and its still very much a work in progress so it will rely on you to get going.  I still very much believe in the “release early, release often” model so, even though it isn’t finished, please dive in.

I will be attempting to migrate some of the major posts and discussion topics into the forum so that there is a bit more of a starting point.  I welcome any other suggestions.  You can leave them here.

6 thoughts on “ubuntu-tutorials.com/forum

  1. PriceChild

    Wondering why you are creating “yet another” forum, when all that is on that site has a place on ubuntuforums.org ?

  2. Jason

    ubuntuforums.org is bloated. I like the idea of a forum targeting talks related to tutorials on this site and maybe requests for future tutorials.

  3. PriceChild

    Not just like that one, but like the entire ubuntuforums.org site. As far as I can tell, this new forum is just trying to be a 100% ontopic “help with ubuntu” forum. I don’t see why we couldn’t put this energy to better use on ubuntuforums.org

    That tips & tricks forum has been pruned quite heavily recently to help keep it up to date, and i wouldn’t say it is too bloated. If you think something should be done about a thread then just report it and say what.

  4. PriceChild

    P.s. your website/OpenID field is broken.

  5. CaptSkip

    Newbie on Ubuntu8.10
    “I Need a Push to Get Statred” !
    OK, What Now? My problem is I am old and don’t remember like I used to.
    I have downloaded the iso & checked & burned the above cd and have booted it several times to my XP box, but have not yet installed it on the 40gb hard drive(non sata). I am new to Linux and Ubuntu. I’m an ex Windows only user, but used to be ok using dos5.0 & 6.1, some 17 years ago. Then win 3.1 and on up…
    I have read and read but when I boot up from cd I don’t know if I should open a terminal or a kde, so I just open the Konquor browswer and browse the forms for info & tutorials

    Question 1, How to find & open a doc or wordpad so I can copy n paste what I have done and learned and to be able to post the replies of your suggested commands(as I see this requested in most forums). and how do I label and file the doc. Will it have an extension .doc .txt – so I can find it?

    Question 2, I read so much on the “password” I am confused and crosseyed. I just hit enter without entering anything in the box, but I suspect that will change once I have installed it.

    I know about not being a root user and to use the su or sudo command.
    Why is there a spaces in the commands. ls /users
    What is srv0 ?
    What is Initramfs I get it when I boot up.
    CaptSkip (you can post in newbie forum, please send link).
    (desktop system:P4 northwood2.8GHz, mobo, Ecs PM800-M2, ide40gb, ram1gb, XP not activated.)

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