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By | 2008/10/26

I spent some time yesterday evening working on better integrating the forum into the current site.  I’m initially happy with the results (Ubuntu Tutorials Forum).  I appreciate the feedback so far and hope you’ll start taking advantage of the large community we have at this site.

With the forum better integrated now you should be able to use any existing site registration or even openID.

7 thoughts on “A Better Integrated Forum

  1. dave

    why do you want separate forum just refer official ubuntu forums other than you want to make some money out of it what a funny things is going on for official ubuntu guys

  2. Vadim P.

    I sort of don’t see the need to register for yet another forums for Ubuntu when one already exists.


    (btw, openid does not work: `Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_options_page() in /var/www/virtual/ubuntu-tutorials.com/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-contact-form/wp-contactform.php on line 334`)

  3. kyleabaker

    I also find it a little pointless to register on another Ubuntu forum other than ubuntuforums.org unless you can do something with yours that can’t be accomplished on the official ones.

    Also, until it’s rendering (html coded) properly I won’t be using it much if at all. It’s rendering terribly in Opera at the moment and it’s due to the 108 errors and 8 warnings in the code:

  4. Christer Edwards Post author

    @kylebaker – I’m working on the rendering. Initial testing was in FF3, which renders fine. I noticed Safari had issues, but haven’t had time yet. It will be cleaned up tomorrow.

  5. Christer Edwards Post author

    @Vadim – I’ve applied a patch to the current openid plugin. Please let me know if its continuing to have issues.

  6. Vadim P.

    Sorry, but it doesn’t still.

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