Five Tips to Prepare for Release Day!

By | 2008/10/26

With only four days to go before Ubuntu 8.10 is released we should start preparing.  Those of us that know we are going to be upgrading, or would like to seed torrents, should do what we can ahead of time to help conserve bandwidth.  Here are some things you can do to be prepared come release day:

  1. Use jigdo to download your image(s) now, and simply do an incremental download on release day.
  2. Make sure your internal mirrors are up-to-date.
  3. Use apt-cacher if you’ll be using network-upgrade to update multiple machines.
  4. Volunteer your internal mirror to your local release party.
  5. Use a local or regional mirror and take the load off the main sites.

2 thoughts on “Five Tips to Prepare for Release Day!

  1. James

    Tip 6: Warn Verizon users to not upgrade.

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