Monthly Archives: October 2008

Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid” Upgrade / Install Series

Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid” Release Candidate will be out by the end of the week, and the final by the end of the month.  I want to spend the next week outlining all the different methods of upgrading and installing.  If you’re planning on upgrading to final you’ll be able to find step-by-step instructions here.

I’ll begin tomorrow with upgrading via your update-manager.

The FreeBSD Series

I’ve spent a few hours this evening putting together some articles on installing and configuring FreeBSD 7.0.  So far the articles cover installation, configuring a minimalist desktop, sound, boot config, etc and will span over the next week.  These posts are on

Also, many thanks to all the comments and resources regarding getting started.  Those that I’ve been able to look at have been very helpful so far.

tinkering with FreeBSD

I had some time this morning on the bus into work so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post _something_ here. I know its been quite some time since I’ve been blogging, and I’d like to get started again, life is just hectic right now.

Between starting a new job, having a 7 month old baby and our b0rken economy here in the US blogging is not the first thing on my mind.

One of the other things that has kept me busy is learning FreeBSD. We are very much a RHEL/CentOS shop at work but we have quite a bit of FreeBSD mixed in there as well. After I found that out I decided I should dive into it and get familiar with it. Well, so far, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I feel like I’m back to the learning stage that I enjoyed so much when I started with Linux years ago. So many new things to explore and troubleshoot.

If any of you loyal readers are FreeBSD fans I’d appreciate any tips that you have or good resources to look into. So far I have been doing minimal installs + ports, and I like how efficient it seems to be.

I have a bunch of FreeBSD related articles I could write up, but I don’t know how fitting they are for this blog so I may put them on my other blog. Lets see if I have time today to write one up.

Anyhow, I hope this posts turns out as I am writing it via elinks on FreeBSD sans GUI on my laptop.