Origami 0.6.9 Released

By | 2008/11/12

After quite the hiatus from coding I have released Origami 0.6.9.  Thanks go to Martin Zuther for his bug and feature request submissions on Launchpad.  This release should resolve a long standing bug and also added two new features.

Origami now supports definition of BIGPACKETS, which can be very important depending on your hardware.  I’ve also added support for the new PASSKEY feature, which allows you to basically secure your submission results by way of a secret assigned passkey.

To find out more about the PASSKEY system check out:


New Installation

If you’re new to Origami you might want to check it out.  It is a wrapper around Stanford’s Folding @ Home distributed computing client.  I think its a much cleaner way to run Folding @ Home on Linux systems.  If you’re interested you can install the latest trunk (stable) via:

bzr branch lp:origami
sudo origami/origami install [ -u USERNAME -t 45104 -b {small, normal, big} -j PASSKEY]

If you’d prefer to use the PPA you can add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

## origami
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/christer.edwards/ubuntu intrepid main

Note: Origami is available in the Intrepid repository, but this lacks these two new features.  You can use that package if you prefer not to use “outside” repositories / bzr, and follow the manual upgrade options below.  If you run into any bugs please let me know on Launchpad.

Upgrade Installation

If you’ve previously been running Origami you can update the package as available from the Launchpad PPA.

Currently you’ll have to manually update your config to define BIGPACKETS and PASSKEY (unless you want to re-install completely).

To add these two new features manually follow these steps:

gksudo gedit /var/lib/origami/foldingathome/CPU*/client.cfg

Within the [settings] section you’ll want to add the new directives.  Example:

bigpackets={small, normal, big}

Again, any issues please let me know as a bug on Launchpad or come find me in #ubuntu-folding on irc.freenode.net