Install Skype 2.0 on Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex”

By | 2008/11/16

The past few days have been all about installing third-party applications.  Yes I know some of these are “non-free”, but it does seem like a lot of these are those apps that many of us just can’t do without.  So, to continue the series here we have Installing Skype 2.0 on Ubuntu 8.10.

Download The Package

The people behind Skype have provided packages for many Linux distributions.  The package that they include for Ubuntu is listed as “Ubuntu 7.04+”, which seems a bit outdated to me.  Yes, the package should work properly on Ubuntu 8.04 or 8.10, but I think they should update the listing to something more current. (hint hint)

In any event, to install Skype 2.0 on Ubuntu 8.10 simply head to the Skype Download Page and click the Ubuntu 7.04+ listing.  This should provide you with a package to save to your Desktop.  Once the download is finished simply double-click the file and the installation will take off.

I haven’t used Skype very much outside of close family and friends.  Is this something I should start using more?  What are your thoughts on Skype as a regular communication tool?

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  1. Jason

    I used Skype in 8.04 and there was some problem with pulse audio that took me MANY hours to configure it to somewhat work. I downloaded Skype on 8.10 and it seems to work fine, but my headset is broken or something and it doesn’t pick up my voice. If they’ve fixed the problems from 8.04 it’s be a great way to communicate. I’m actually about to move to Seoul, Korea and will get an American number on Skype to communicate with friends and family back here.

  2. Roger

    Or just use Medibuntu which has the Skype packages and does the right thing for 32 bit and 64 platforms.

  3. Marius Scurtescu

    Much simpler and secure way to install Skype is to use the medibuntu repository:

    It should be more secure because this way you automatically get updates as well (assuming medibuntu is up to date, of course).

  4. JW

    I would prefer to see something like Ekiga take off. Skype is neat, but it is horribly chatty on the WAN and their protocol is closed. Yay them for having *nix ports; boo them for having a closed protocol. They should let their software stand for itself and open their protocol.

  5. ethana2

    Yeah, no one can hear my from skype on 8.10, installed from medibuntu repos.

    When I need to use skype, I reboot into 8.04, where I removed pulseaudio.

  6. seb

    I had some issues on 8.04 with my mic as well. But after some messing around it worked without problems. Since then voice and video chat gave me no problems at all.

  7. Alex

    Why the hell would you want Skype to remove compatability from their package? One of the disadvantages of Linux is the need to constantly update to get new software, and if Skype can avoid this more power to them.

  8. jrs

    If you are aiming to show newbies how easy it is to install third party software in ubuntu. Skype is not a real good example. I haven’t seen any intrepid install where skype just works.

    There is always some messing with the audio settings involved and that isn’t very obvious or easy if you have not done it before. There is lots of help on the ubuntu forum though.

  9. sparks40

    Has the video problem,(inability for skype to find the proper driver for certain webcams… which worked perfectly under 8.04) been solved???


  10. Kara

    I got the same error: Wrong architecture: ‘i386’ Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve tried it through the user interface, plus using terminal. I’ve re-installed, uninstalled and re-installed. I have Ubuntu 8.4. Will the problem be fixed if I download 8.10?

    I would appreciate any help!

  11. SirronTM

    I use skype 2.0 for phone calls to landlines every day, and unfortunately the only realistic workaround I’ve found for the Pulse Audio problem is to use the command
    “pasuspender skype” which disables pulse audio while skype runs. Being a fan of pulse, this means I have to close skype when I’m not using it. Running it normally with “pulse” set as the audio device initially seems to work, but whilst in a call, the latency gets higher and higher until you’re waiting 30 seconds for a reply. Ah the woes of closed source software.

  12. Anon

    Kara: you are probably running the 64-bit version of Ubuntu. You can check what architecture you’re on by running uname -m in a terminal.

    If uname -m prints x86_64, then you should go to and get amd64 skype and skype-common packages. The contents of the packages will be the same as what you were trying to install, but dpkg won’t complain about them being the wrong architecture.

  13. Anon

    One other thing: people using Skype should ask themselves if they need it. Ekiga can do all of the same things, using SIP addresses obtained from various companies, and the same addresses can be used with usual analog phones with the purchase of ATA hardware. For example, I have a phone number from for $6 USD per month, and outgoing rates from decent providers should be at least as good as Skype’s.



    Repos are the way to go. I alas uninstalled PulseAudio to get Skype working in Intrepid, but hey it works well! Seeing as I live in North America where I get unlimited local calls from the landline at home (and most of my calls are local anyway), there’s no need for me to get a paid service…Skype’s protocol is great for audio/video, and it’s probably a good pick if you wanna get audio convos into podcasts, but to be fair I still prefer Jabber (GoogleTalk) where audio convos are now supported by Empathy. I guess it really depends on one’s needs, and I’d still prefer an open source alternative to Skype (but it’s the way to communicate with those who insist on Skype hehe).

  15. Gee

    Im new to ubuntu,have 8.10 and can’t get audio for skype,what the hell is wrong? i’ve been at this for hours.

  16. TorrentResident

    Hi all,

    I am a newbie to Linux altogether… I just downloaded Skype from their official site. The link was named as Ubuntu 7.04-8.04. I have Ubuntu 8.10 installed. After I finished downloading, i tried installing the software. I got an error message saying that ‘your system has broken dependencies. This application cannot continue until this is fixed. To fix it run ‘sudo synaptic’ or ‘sudo apt-get install -f’ in a terminal window’.

    I tried the sudo synaptic, but could not figure what is to be done. Please help me with it.


  17. Bob

    I had problems with medibuntu 64bit on Interpid. I now have good sound using pulse for sound out, and I use logitech quickcam s5500 for video and audio in. I set sound in to the USB ID of cam.

    Now the problem I have is if I exit skype, it no longer shows in the task panel, so I have to su and kill the skype.real process before starting it back up — a real pain. At one point it worked. Beside that sound and video are working good now. I wish I could get it back up in task bar when I exit.

  18. Bob

    I solved the panel issue mentioned above. Somehow my notification got turned off. I have now made video-chat calls across the country and it all works great. One minor bug is the notification for an incoming call does not work. Oddly all the others work OK. I finally added a ‘run command on event’ action, command line: “/usr/bin/play /usr/share/skype/sounds/CallRingingIn.wav”. It now works.
    I love it! My Logitech quckcam S5500 has excellent quality and sound input mic.

  19. kasper

    SirronTM i have the same problem, dit you get it fixts

  20. kikipremier

    i have ubuntu intrepide on dual boot with wxp

    i am trying intall
    i have error message

    error : wrong architecture i386

    can you help me !!!

  21. dean

    I got skype to work with little problem. Two easy steps:

    1) install through medibuntu as mentioned above;

    2) enable and turn up the capture volumes on Kmix

    Works like a charm.

  22. novalee

    Dean, Thx for the suggestions. I'm totally new to ubuntu…can you explain the following a little more, "enable and turn up the capture volumes on Kmix". I'm not quite sure of the steps to do this. Is this like going into control panel in xp?

  23. Robert

    I just installed Skype on my machine, a 64-bit Intel (Sys76) and it all works great BUT Skype adds a UK style ring on top of the actual when calling a land or cell phone. The callee picks up, but the UK ring keeps going. Needless to say, a constant BRRANG BRRANG on the line makes for amazingly short conversations. Any ideas, anyone?

  24. Toki

    I am trying to install skype on ubuntu 8.10 then it needs an administrative password. what is that?

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