New GDM Login Theme in Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty”

By | 2009/03/09

I’ve been playing with Ubuntu 9.04 in VirtualBox and after installing the 9.04 Alpha 5 I noticed the new GDM Login screen. Things sure have come a long way since I started using Ubuntu in 5.04! Below is a screenshot of the new Login screen. Thoughts?

Ubuntu 9.04 GDM Login Screen

Ubuntu 9.04 GDM Login Screen

53 thoughts on “New GDM Login Theme in Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty”

  1. Shane

    I like it quite a bit, but I don’t think it matches the human theme at all.

  2. Darwin Survivor

    I personally really like it. I just hope they have a similar one that lists user accounts. I personally don’t like having them listed (usually ugly and a waste of space), but families with parents and children don’t like typing in a user name. They just want to click then enter their password and hit enter.

    Is this theme currently available anywhere for Intrepid (gnome-look, etc)?

  3. sharms

    I think it is hideous, hopefully it is just a place holder. 1996 called and wants their graphics back.

  4. Jorge

    Love it. Is dark, simple, and trendy. Even better, it is not brown.

  5. Adam Stovicek

    I like it. Prompt. Subtle Ubuntu branding. Options. Date. What more could you possibly need for a login screen? Clean is nice.

  6. Travist120

    I agree with the guy above. I don’t really like the dark direction Ubuntu has been going in. Orange + Black just looks like halloween. The art department needs to be reminded that this is supposed to be going main stream, not to other geeks.

  7. Christopher Peplin

    I have to agree…my first reaction upon firing up a VM was not positive. The 3D Ubuntu logo has got to go.

  8. Alex

    I like it. If there isn’t a version with a user selection list, there should be.

  9. Niko Lewman

    Finally some funky good looking and functional graphics!

  10. Ryan

    Gorgeous. I was pleasantly surprised when this popped up the first time.

  11. Conor

    Minimalism is good. But this is ugly.Needs way more polishing before most people will find it aesthetically pleasing.

  12. Eric Pritchett

    My first thoughts was this is a horror movie that’s not going to end well for the user. Not something you want to first be presented with when you start your Ubuntu “experience.” Please note, I do not want to offend anyone (especially the artist), but this is just way too dark and gloomy. I want Ubuntu to trigger happy responses and make it a joy to *want* to login. This does not do it.

  13. Alex Launi

    I think the new GDM looks like dookie. That ubuntu logo looks horrid. What, did someone just discover ray tracing? It looks all plastic and hard. It’s good they’re trying to change things up a little, but it seems like they can never get their act together with the whole ‘visual refresh’ thing. I hope this is just a placeholder, and I hope they actually try for 9.10.

  14. Dread Knight

    Auto-login ftw. I have finger print scanner check first thing i start up my tablet pc.

  15. alex

    heh, i agree with #1, although it looks more like something rendered from the late nineties imho. ill be looking for a GDM replacement for ubuntu for the 1st time. currently it can be changed back to the old GDM screen, hopefully this new screen isnt made default when 9.04 is finalized. i think id prefer a text-based login screen to this though.

  16. jegHegy

    I will have to agree with the first commenter. The 3D doesn’t fit with the brand Canonical built at all.

  17. Jo Shields

    Urgh. Looks like one of a trillion lifeless wallpapers on sites like gnome-art

  18. Alexandra jau

    I like minimalism…but this is just boring. My login screen is the first thing I’m gonna change after installing Jaunty.

  19. Ivan Sagalaev

    Looks like Ubuntu has finally found a person with an artistic taste. I hope he or she will stay longer.

    (Hideous? Ugly? You’re not serious aren’t you?)

  20. Christoph

    I hope this is not final. When you click on “Options” you barely see the dialog. Black on black is not a good idea…

  21. joolz

    looks like something from my early redhat days in 92

  22. David Rando

    I hope this is not the final version. It’s too empty and too dark. I like the concept, but it needs the words “Ubuntu 9.04” somewhere.

    Having a black login screen with a bar and a nice ubuntu 3d logo isn’t enough IMHO.

  23. Mikey

    Ugly. Just plain ugly. I do not understand the ubuntu developers fascination with colors found in the bottom of a toilet bowl.

  24. Richard

    Ugly. I really hope this isn’t final! It looks like something I would have gotten off a mandriva install 4 years ago.

  25. Chris

    Mikey if you are seeing those colors in you toilet bowl I suggest you see a doctor immediately. I am not a fan of the brown color schemes but this is more black and burgundy than brown and it is a lot more classy than previous versions.

    Of course the fact it takes all of 30 seconds to change to whatever you want makes these conversation moot.

  26. capsized

    without the matching theme i couldn’t care less.
    there are far more slick/beautiful/impressive looking standalone gdms e.g. on

    if they can provide a matching theme, cool,
    but if that won’t come until 9.04 then i don’t see why we need a login screen now that doesn’t match the default appearance of ubuntu.

  27. Andreas Simon

    Propably a placeholder for better artwork. But I am disappointed that they don’t use the new GDM as for example seen in Fedora 10, which has in my opinion much improved usability.

  28. Craig Huffstetler

    It’s great. Now they just need to work on the theme overall.

  29. Ste

    The new login is terrible and better be a place holder.

  30. Mats Taraldsvik

    I didn’t like it.

    The semi-transparent bar at the bottom is ugly. Remove it.
    Text should not ovelap the ubuntu logo. Move the ubuntu logo.

    If this is done, it would improve the login theme drastically, in my humble opinion.

  31. Michael "Matching" H

    For starters, if you want to change the login screen, you should also change the actual desktop to match. Hopefully you will.

    @Mikey: You’ve finally given yourself away as using a bot programmed to flame any and all artwork-related Ubuntu blog-posts. This is not a brown theme they are proposing.

  32. Ari T.

    I don’t like this at all. The login screen should be welcoming, not menacing. This looks like it was made by a young geek (yes, I’m generalizing; no, I have nothing against young geeks 🙂 Ubuntu – for creepy creatures who live in caves!

  33. Pol

    Too dark for me, and I don’t like the 3D Ubuntu logo at all.

    I’d be very dissapointed if this is the direction the new Ubuntu theme is taking.

  34. tuxy

    Mark’s vision of surpassing the beauty of the Apple OS will never be met with the current art team it seems.

  35. IanA

    On the whole, I think it’s not bad, but pleasepleaseplease get rid of that stupid 3D ubuntu logo. Branding is fine but at least make sure it looks decent and fits in visually with the rest of the OS. Where else is the logo depicted in 3D?

  36. Joe

    The top half looks empty, but the bottom half looks really slick! Overall a definite improvement.

  37. Jarko

    I agree with #4 comment. This is from the ’90s.

    The 3d logo doesn’t feel right and makes the whole Ubuntu look ‘cheap’. It is not really stylish and you’ll find millions of these with google.

    But I like the colour scheme though…

  38. Truefire

    @ mark: that gdm theme is real now – look up NewWave GDM.
    I’m using it now, but it doesn’t have wood in the bg.

  39. Simon Cornet

    I realy realy realy realy realy love this loginscreen. The dark way of Ubuntu with the 3d-logo is exactly the way i like it.

    Ubuntu is with every new release becoming more and more closer to the perfect combination of stability and userfriendly graphical way of chilling behind your computer.

  40. Noob

    Some one have idea how i get that in my Background image

  41. srinivasa

    Ubuntu, really doing good. I want those people using windows to migrate as early as posible.


  42. srinivasa kp

    My of my friends installed Ubuntu 9.04 just because of this image.

  43. Fuad Ghani

    My 4yo son wants his face back on the login screen.

  44. Roy Strachan

    I have multiple computers on a KVM switch (more computers than switch ports) so they have the same keyboard and monitor. It would be real nice if the computer name came up beside the time so I know for sure which computer I am logging in to.

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