How To Uninstall VMWare Server: Ubuntu All Versions

By | 2009/03/16

If you’ve ever played with Virtualization products you’ve very likely tried out VMware Server.  With its good support of hardware and software platforms, plus the fact that it is a free download from the VMware website, it is a very commonly used application.  What if you’ve decided to move on to other Virtualization products, such as VirtualBox or KVM?  How do you go about uninstalling VMware Server from your machine?

Uninstall VMware Server

Assuming you’ve followed the tutorials here for installing and configuring VMware Server on Ubuntu your installation is not managed by a debian package.  This means you’re not able to simply use the package management system to remove the installed files and folders.  Luckily, VMware distributed an uninstall utility for completely removing your VMware installation.  To remove VMware Server from your machine simply run:


This should completely remove any installed files, folders or modules installed by the VMware installation scripts. I have found this to work on any Linux distribution I’ve tried so far.

If you’ve tried VMware and you’re ready to try something new, I very much suggest checking out VirtualBox.

One thought on “How To Uninstall VMWare Server: Ubuntu All Versions

  1. Suyash Katiyar

    The above method might no work on newer versions but typing :
    “sudo vmware-installer -u vmware-workstation”
    in terminal is bound to work for most macines.
    “sudo vmware-installer -u PRODUCT”
    where PRODUCT is the name of VMware product installed.

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