I’d Like To Contribute To GNOME…

By | 2009/03/20

I only have just a minute for this post, but I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks that I’d really like a project to contribute to.  After putting some thought into it I realized I liked the idea of contributing to something upstream, vs to a distribution specifically.  I also really enjoy GNOME and think it could be something I’d like to work on.  If anyone can drop me a line and help plug me into the right area I’d really appreciate it.  Its always a little intimidating to show up to a new project and say “give me something to do”.  I’m sure you all (GNOME people) know where the needs are better than I do and hopefully one (or many!) of you can introduce me to the right people and give me some things to get started with.

I’m open for just about anything, although I’m not much of a programmer (outside of bash & perl)

6 thoughts on “I’d Like To Contribute To GNOME…

  1. Dread Knight


    You should really learn python man.
    It’s nice and easy… and very used especially in linux distros.


  2. Jef Spaleta

    Building on your Ubuntu user heritage, you might look at helping with the newly formed GNOME desktop test initiative and help write some upstream application testing scripts.


    Canonical’s Ara Pulido has been part of the effort to bring that upstream group forward, so you could probably reach out into the upstream GNOME effort by interfacing with Ara in Ubuntu QA


  3. Vadim Peretokin

    I read that Anjuta is seeking administrative help.

  4. A. Walton

    First, thanks for wanting to help out with GNOME.

    There’s a lot you can do even without being a programmer. One of the bigger needs we have right now is documenters to look through the old and outdated documentation and bring it up to date.

    Beyond that, you can always test and file bugs when you find problems, look for language errors in the UIs and translate if you have the foreign language bug.

    Plenty to do, just have to find somewhere to start and go from there.

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