Intense Debate Plugin Now Active

By | 2009/04/09

After a bit of testing I just activated a WordPress Plugin called “Intense Debate”, which improves the commenting system quite a bit. You should now notice that the commenting system on this blog is improved, with the following features:

  • Reply to comment
  • Comment rating
  • Sort by: Date, Rating or Activity
  • Notification of comments via email

Please let me know if you find any issues with the new system. My hope is that this will allow better communication of user-generated tips and workarounds for many of the tutorials on this site.


6 thoughts on “Intense Debate Plugin Now Active

  1. anon

    I find 'IntenseDebate' to be rather annoying. It's a heavy thing to load, the comment nofication can be done by a WP plugin, and wp 2.7 features replies to comments already.

    (and using openid on it gives a 404)

  2. LaneLester

    I've never tried IntenseDebate, but I definitely like email notification of following comments. I don't care about ratings or sortings, but perhaps the blogger will find them useful.

  3. bill-tb

    Yeah, it seems to improve the blog …

    I like it, wish more would use it.

  4. nux

    As far as i remember, Intense Debate Plugin forces non member to type their name, email and URL every time they write a comment on your site. ID cant remember the typed info. Somewhat uncomfortable. Are they still do it now?

  5. nux

    well, looks like they still do. I have to retype my name, email and URL to reply this one.
    I guess, the discussion becoming not so intense for non ID member 🙂

  6. Julia

    Maybe this rating system could be interesting on some blogs, but I don't think it is so important for the user.

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